Jul 24, 2015

Ashley's By Living Food @ Bangsar KL - Healthier Choices

When they say the food served here are healthy alternatives, I wasn't expecting - well, this.

Ashley's By Living Food

Mention healthy choices and I'd automatically think vegan food and the good ol' fashion salad.

The food at Ashley's sets a pretty contrasting tone however. You'd still get the conventional burgers and pastas here, but with a modernized twist. Expect the pairing of unconventional ingredients, though admittedly not exceedingly flavorful ones - its meant to be healthier afterall.

Imagine: quinoa sushi. What?

Lime Juice. Rm7.

Black Coffee. Rm8.

Side Salad.

Too much balsamic vinegar in this, a fork-full was all I had. 

Quinoa Sushi. Rm24.

I had my first taste of Quinoa at Ribs At The Burgeon. This time with sushi! Great combination but I thought the taste of mango overpowered the avocado and cucumber. We still polished the entire plate up nevertheless.

Posh Burger. Rm30.

The Posh Lamb Burger was a beauty. It came topped with melted brie, crushed almonds, balsamic reduction and arugula - which I carefully picked out.

Spicy Smoked Salmon Cake Pasta. Rm38.

The aglio-olio styled pasta was perfect, however the smoked salmon cake wasn't exactly one of my favorites. It tasted just fine but I still prefer the classic salmon. If I were to pick again, I would order another pasta.

Breakfast Crepe.

I'm hopeless when it comes to crepes and this came as a surprise to me. There was no eggy textures but a chewy one, a little queer perhaps, I still enjoyed this nonetheless. Tucked with yogurt and fruits beneath. 

Overall Rating: 6.5/10. From the opinion of my humble tastebuds, the dishes I sampled today was no doubt interesting and a hint healthier, yet it feel as though it was lacking-in-that-little-something, comfort factor maybe - it didn't have much soul in it. There're plenty of other eateries in Bangsar that will be able to cater to that gap I reckoned. Having said that, I would still recommend all of what'd you see above, minus the pasta.

Ashley By Living Food is located at:
Address: 11, Ground Floor, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 017-3253663
Opening Hours: 11am-11pm Weekdays. 9am-11pm Weekends.

Same row as Alexis, Nirvana, LA/PA, NOSH, Roost, Bait. Not the same row but at the next block - as Antipodean, Yeast and La Bodega - if that's of any help.


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