Jan 27, 2013

♥ More About Me ♥

I started SpicySharon simply because of my Love to Write, Photograph and Eat.

I wanted to share wonderful food discoveries and pass on my recommendations. I really didn't want to be a food critic; I wanted to write about amazing food. Though that's not always the case; not all that I've stumbled upon are worthy of praise. (You can read about my take on Food Bloggers vs. Food Critics here)

After about a year of going into food-writing, I created a personal column, nick-named Spicy Scoops. A column where I jot down about my personal thoughts, reflections and and really, a column where I place mental-notes that I would like to remind myself of. However a year later, I decided to discontinue the column.

Now, with my evolving non-food related writeups, my blog have been cleanly sectioned into Beauty and Fashion and Lifestyle columns, all located on my right sidebar.

Overtime, I found a new-calling; a new-interest, in beauty and fashion, something which I found passion writing about, and fancy too for that matter - as a female. Having said that, food will always be my niche.

To date, Spicy Sharon have been featured in mainstream media such as the China Press Newspaper, Vulcan Post, as well as Marie France Asia to just name a few.

Read 20 Facts About Me Here.

On that light, I'm the sole contributor of SpicySharonand everything you see in this blog started from humble beginnings. From attending events, to taking photographs and finally, the writing and editorial part of publishing a review. I have learned so much in HTML editing than I'd imagine throughout the past year. Believe me or not, I had fun doing all of that.

All reviews published in this blog are based on my personal and honest experience.

To add a little more Spiceto this write-up, I have a full time desk job. Nothing directly related to this blog but definitely correlated with my personal writing style.

If you are also wondering how I juggle between this blog, work and play - passion plays a massive role.

Last but not least, I always appreciate recommendations and feedbacks. Readers - drop me a mail anytime. Sponsors - for editorial and advertorial opportunities, events and reviews, kindly drop me an email at spicysharonblog@gmail.com.

Happy Reading
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