Jan 20, 2021

Christmas Celebration At The Best Fine Dining Restaurant - DC Restaurant In TTDI KL


Best Fine Dining Restaurant In KL

I'm sure most of you agree that 2020 was a roller coaster ride. Never would I've thought in a thousands years that the freedom that once we thought was a given, is now a luxury. Nevertheless, there was one meal, one celebration that I was seriously looking forward to that year end - my Christmas Celebration at DC Restaurant.

I've heard so many amazing stories about the place, I knew I had to find an opportunity and an ocassion to try it for myself. I'd have to claim that it was, in fact one of the best and most fulfilling meal I've had in the longest time.

I'm gonna go all out and say that DC Restaurant is probably the best fine-dining restaurant there is in KL. The dishes are French-Thai influenced. It's gonna be difficult to beat this dining experience.

In this write-up, I will not give a detailed review of the food - everything we had was sumptous - but rather, a glimpse of the overall dining experience.

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Nov 2, 2020

The Brasserie @ The St Regis Kuala Lumpur - Truffle Please.

Obviously dining at St Regis KL isn't something that you'd do on a normal lunch day, at least not for me. I do believe however, that the ocassional splurge on good food, will definitely create some form of happiness for most of everyone.

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Aug 11, 2020

Product Review : Hanna & Kent's 90 Second Lazy Mask

I have to be upfront here. I LOVE Masks. It gives me an unspoken happy factor that constantly tells me to buy more-buy more. It's an addiction I guess. I wanted to try everything ; every single mask in the market. So I when I found out about the 90 second lazy mask, of course I jumped on the bandwagon.

Hanna & Kent's 90 second lazy mask is all about being fun, fresh and trendy.

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Product Review : LEVerne Feminine Hygiene Wash For Feminine Care


I personally feel that the importance of feminine hygiene have not yet been emphasized enough. I, for one, do admit that I do not have the habit of using feminine hygiene wash, though I have had tried it out in the past.

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Aug 3, 2020

My Extremely Belated Birthday Party Celebration.

2020 have been a roller coaster ride. Come to think of it, I figured everyone probably felt the same way too.

My birthday party was initially scheduled to happen on the 20 March 2020. It was just 4 days short before Malaysia went on lock-down mode. I guess the Universe just couldn't wait. I was obviously torn as the party arrangements made weeks before, perhaps months even, had to be re-thought of and re-planned. Furthermore I wanted this year to be special (well, in a way it was), so I made extra effort. One thing I promised myself and my guests, was that the gathering would still happen, be it weeks or months later, when the situation was deemed safe.

On the 1 August 2020, it finally did, and I'm so thankful everything went according to plan. The first of it's kind makan makan with my close friends, ever since the lock-down. I'm also thoroughly grateful to Define:Food, EatCakeToday, BloomThis and HobbyFlorist that supported.

The theme for my Pasta Party was Casual in Black. Scroll down for more photographs of us.

Thank You All For Being Part Of A Piece of My Memory.

spicy sharon birthday party
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