Aug 13, 2016

Aug 12, 2016

Snippets Of My Number76 Hair Styles For 2016.


Throughout the past year or so, I've been silently bragging to my friends, on how amazing my hair felt, taking every opportunity I could to flaunt my locks.

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Aug 9, 2016

My First Marathon.


I did train and practice, though not vigorously, for the past few weeks, just for that day, for Standard Chartered Marathon 2016.

I have never done 10KM on the threadmill before, let alone run outdoors. Prior to the marathon, I only did one run in the park and needless to say, it was no where near the 10KM mark. I was worried about my stamina and muscle strength no doubt, but I was pretty darn sure it was my damn excitment that pulled me through - for real.

Who would have thought a tofu like me would be so eager to participate in an outdoor event, let alone a physically and mentally challenging one. Heck, investing in my first pair of sport shoes took me two years of mental persuasion. This marathon was not an easy feat for me.

I've never been a sportsperson - never in primary school; never in high school; never ever. I still remember the days where I always skip PE lessons because I hated it so much, and I ever only gave the same excuse - period pain. Strangely enough, that one excuse actually got me through high school. It was so easy to bail.

I told myself - never say never; nothing is imposible.

While the experience are still fresh in my mind, I'm documenting this journey while I'm still yearning to do so.

Here's my story.

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Aug 4, 2016

Achieving Longer And Fuller Lashes With REALASH Review

"Sharon, did you do something to your eyelashes?", my friends asked.

Before scrolling further, read about my First Impression Of Realash Here.

It has been about a month since I've started using Realash, a product that promises longer and fuller lashes, in just a short span of 30 days.

So, did it work? No mascara in all of the photographs below!

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Aug 1, 2016

The CONNOR'S Experience At Nicsmann 1940s By Lewre, TREC KL


This post is part of a series of The CONNOR'S Experience writeups that I will be featuring in the next couple of months.

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