Dec 10, 2017

MrLens - The Reliable Online Contact Lens Store In Malaysia.

I thought I'd do a quick one today on an essential item that I'd probably can't live without, contact lenses, and in specific, MrLens.

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Dec 5, 2017

Wedding And Food Arrangements by Big Onion Food Caterers Malaysia

If I were to pick one of the best wedding dinners that I have had of late, Big Onion would be on my shortlist.

Big Onion is a premier food caterer based in Malaysia, providing a repertoire of exquisitely prepared food, alongside seamless coordination of event management services, particularly for wedding arrangements and private functions.

Recently, I attended one of Big Onion's hosted wedding dinners at Glasshouse At Seputeh, KL. The wedding setup was lovely, overseen by floor staff that was dressed smartly in black uniforms, ready as ever to assist.

Rest assured, there were no gate-crashing involved.

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Nov 26, 2017

Vietnam Travelogue: The Breathtaking Beauty Of Halong Bay.

Visiting Halong Bay, a UNESCO Heritage Site and also one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, was definitely one of the highlights of my Vietnam vacation. It was my first time on board a cruise and I had a wonderful experience at sea.

In every single trip I go for, I try to search for a wow-moment. It's quite difficult for me to describe this feeling in words, but it's sort of like a small voice in my heart that goes - hey! I'm finally here

In my recent trip to Beijing, my wow-moment came while I was climbing The Great Wall, overlooking the amazing sights of what holds beneath. In this trip, my wow-moment was during my first kayaking experience at Luon Cave, a scenic adventure not to be missed.

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Nov 23, 2017

Makhan! By Kitchen Mafia @ Petaling Jaya - British? Or Indian?

Run by the same folks behind Hello by Kitchen Mafia, Makhan by Kitchen Mafia is their newest food venture, that is comfortably tucked in The Gasket Alley, situated right next to Jaya One. There are two sections to their menu - one for all-things-British, and the other for Northern Indian cuisine, a rather uncommon, but not exactly a surprising combination.

To be very honest, my taste-buds are not quite familiar with Indian cuisine at all. Hence that afternoon, I chose curry, and eating with my bare hands, over fish and chips and pie. Obviously I needed to eat more Indian food to get to know the cuisine better right?

Being my first time there, I asked for recommendations, and here are some of the top picks.

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Nov 20, 2017

Vietnam Travelogue: Exploring The Streets Of Hanoi.

Sometime in October, I made a short trip to Vietnam, where I spend two days at Hanoi and another two days at Halong Bay. I did not go alone this time round, but with three other good friends of mine. It was a nice change to have some company, after my solo trip to Beijing, the month before.

To be very honest, Hanoi was not a place that I had planned to visit. However, my short endeavor turned out to be unexpectedly enjoyable. There's just something about the new-culture and old-school charm in Hanoi that never ceased to amaze me.

For the most part, I realized that Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh (which I have visited previously but wasn't quite fond of), were so different and unique on it's own way - apart from the weaving traffic that is.

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