Aug 23, 2022

Happenings : Yoodo's Build A Malaysian Exhibition At The Linc KL


I was at The Linc KL earlier today, tapping into the hype of Yoodo & Loka Made's, #BuildAMalaysian event. So what exactly makes you Malaysian?

Build A Malaysian Event The Linc KL by Yoodo and Loka Made,

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Aug 22, 2022

RM288++ Wagyu Buffet At The Wagyu Restaurant KL.


I'm a small-eater, so buffets aren't really value-for-money to me so to speak, but I felt like I ate my money's worth at The Wagyu Restaurant KL

wagyu buffet at the wagyu japanese restaurant kl

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Jul 18, 2022

My Battle With Shingles. The Painful Process Of Recovery.


Everyday I ask myself - when is this going to end?

This write-up serves as a mini documentary of what I went through in the past 14 days with Shingles - the painful process of recovery. For those who stumbled upon this write-up on google, or is currently experiencing Shingles, I hope my experience will help ease the confusion and pain - the pictures are as raw as it can get.

For all these days I'm home, I'm glad that The Big Bang Theory kept me company. Sheldon, you are a trooper.

My Battle With Shingles. The Painful Process Of Recovery.

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Jul 7, 2022

Roam Like Home From As Low As RM5 Per Day With Yoodo Malaysia

Travelling. I miss travelling. I'm sure everyone does too. 

In this write-up I will be talking about Yoodo, Malaysia's first truly customisable and 100% digital mobile device, powered by Celcom. I will be touching a bit more on their roaming features. So what does this all really mean

roam like home yoodo malaysia

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Mar 24, 2022

My Favorite Japanese Ice Cream, Matcha Eight, Is Now Open At Lalaport KL.

Matcha Eight Lalaport KL review

I was first introduced to this brand slightly over a year back. At that time, I got to taste-test and learn about the science behind their Japanese tea ice cream range. Fast forward 6 months later, Matcha Eight was born and subsequently made available for purchase online, on their official website - Matcha Eight | Life Isn't that That Bitter.

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