Jun 19, 2015

[CLOSED] Ribs At The Burgeon @ Aman Suria - Pork Ribs In PJ & Marvelous Red Velvet Cake

Updated: Gastro Bar, By Burgeon is now officially open. Read my review on it here.

Updates: The restaurant will be undergoing refurbishments from the 31th August 2015 onwards.

A rewarding rib feast for a mid-week celebration and I have to tell you about the amazing red velvet cake!

Ribs At The Burgeon

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the horrendous photographs. The warm-hued indoor lightings simply did not permit any sort of fantastic photography. I tried - trust me, either that or I'm a klutz when it comes to white balance and low light adjustments.

I initially contemplated on whether or not I should go ahead with this writeup because I was seriously inclined to post well - ugly pictures. That said, my urge to share good food with great people got the best of me.

Ribs At The Burgeon, opened slightly less than a week back, at Taman Bukit Mayang Emas, or fondly known as Aman Suria.

That evening, me and 4 friends arrived at slightly pass 7pm for dinner, without a booking, thinking that it should be relatively quiet on a weekday night. We were wrong - and was lucky to snagged the last table in the house before the dinner crowd started pouring in. Full house! Imagine the weekend crowd! Bookings are essential.

Tip: Some dishes were great - some weren't. Scroll to the bottom to read about the must-haves here.

Ribs At The Burgeon Menu and Prices.

We ordered 6 dishes, including a dessert to share.

Peanut Squid. Rm26.

This was a great dish to start with - the tentacle-licious grilled squid was stunning! The salad came with crisp lotus root, fried quinoa, barley, radish, lettuce, in peanut and lime dressing. A surprise favorite for all of us!

Pulled Pork Burger. Rm26.

The crisp fries and garlic aioli dip outshone the burger - clearly for all the wrong reasons. The pulled pork was decent but the broiche bun was too heavily buttered. Order fries only, at the side, for Rm10.

Smoked Chicken. Rm28.

To be honest, the signature smoked chicken rub had a rather unpleasant herb-taste to it, though the meat texture was very well done, I wasn't particularly fond of flavors and plating of this dish.

Pork Belly. Rm40.

My first thought - this looked seriously too charred to be served! Bypassing the obvious, the pork belly was delicious - tender, juicy, flavorsome and with a thick layer of fat in between. 400g (Rm40). 800g (Rm80).

Pork Ribs. Rm100 (full rack).

Humungous! We had ours half sweet and spicy; half peppery. You can also opt for both of the same. The ribs had toothsome textures and slid right of its bone. My pick? Sweet and spicy. My tweak? More glaze for a glistening start please! Full Rack (Rm100). Half Rack (Rm50).

Red Velvet. Rm18.

Hands down - the best red velvet cake I've ever had. Fluffy cake with classic cream cheese, whiskey butter cream layers and an addictive chocolate crisp in between, topped with blackberries. Must order!

Overall Rating: 8/10. Compulsary orders - The Ribs, Pork Belly, Peanut Squid Salad and Red Velvet. My misses - the Smoked Chicken and Pulled Pork Burger. In my wholly humble and honest opinion, the ribs were gratifying and portion came huge, but it really wasn't the best I've had. Presentation could've also been better. Having said that, there are not many places that serves pork ribs in PJ, hence, I reckon Ribs At The Burgeon would do well, especially among neighbourhood peeps. Service was good, though you may need to wait for that jug of water to be refilled. I would definitely return and again - bookings are essential.

Ribs At The Burgeon is located at:
Address: 8 & 10, Jalan BM 1/2, Taman Bukit Mayang Emas, Petaling Jaya.
Phone: 03-7497 5373
Opening Hours: 5pm - 12am Daily. Closed Monday.


  1. Hello there, i found ur blog by googling ribs at burgeon review.
    Your blog is very interesting to see, and all the images is wonderful.
    By the way, the shop is closing soon, and going to start a new concept in the future.
    Hope to see ur review in the future.
    and hor...ur photgraphy skill really improve a lot...comparing to last time de photo....
    well done.

    1. Hey Yu Xin,

      Thanks for dropping me a comment. =)

      And thanks for the update! It's sad that they're closing off for the next few months despite opening for just a few months! Fingers crossed they will reopen with a way better menu than before.


  2. What did they close the restaurant? It was always full house when I drove pass the restaurant.

    1. The same question I asked myself when I read the notice. =)


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