May 23, 2015

Hamasho @ Sri Hartamas KL - Why You Shouldn't Eat At This Japanese Restaurant

I'm not going to paint my words a sakura shade - I didn't enjoy my meal at Hamasho. Read on to find out why.


No modern knick-knacks here. I stepped into Hamasho that evening, greeted by a friendly Japanese lady clad in the traditional kimono and a room full of of Japanese charm. It did made me reminisce of my Japan trip not long back.

The restaurant was still rather quiet at half past six, but soon filled up by loud Japanese chit-chatter coming from our neighboring tables. Apart from me and the table next to mine, the rest of the patrons were Japanese - men. Yes men. No Japanese female in sight while I was there.

For me, Hamasho felt like an Izakaya, Japanese version of a pub. There're pages-full of alcohol in their menu, as well as a handful of seafood grill and small eats - a snack place if you may. If you're expecting to walk out with a full stomach - this place is not for you.

Ikano No Poppoyaki Squid. Rm24.

Grilled Cod Fish With Miso. Rm47.

Butter Potato. Rm14.

Deep Fried Chicken Gizzard. Rm18.

Choya Plum Wine. Rm16.

Overall Rating: 5/10. Here's my check list on why Malaysians wouldn't favor dining here. I figured the restaurant is essentially tailor made to the Japanese crowd. My dining experience are merely based on personal preference.

1) For a simple meal of what seemed like Japanese pub grub to me, it was very expensive. RM100 per person is a norm and it'll never be enough eating just - appetizers. I have no qualms in forking out a penny more for good food, but my meal simply didn't feel worthy at all.

2) Japanese seafood grill is their specialty here. Hence, there are short of other meats in their menu. By that I meant chicken, beef or poultry of any sort. If you're expecting variety, you will be disappointed.

3) There're very limited Dons' and Ramens'.

4) Portion wise - tiny and pricey. For an order of two tiny buttered potatoes (above), comes to Rm14. The more popular choice of half a corn cob, two sprouts of mushroom and two tiny branch of vegetables, will set you back Rm24 per plate (a more popular choice here however).

5) Smoking in the restaurant is allowed. For non-smokers, the place may not be for you.

6) After all of that, I have to admit that the grilled squid and cod fish that I had was quite a delight. We went on to have proper dinner elsewhere after that.

Hamasho is located at:
Address: 42, Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. 
Phone: 03-6206-1127
Opening Hours: 6pm - 2am Daily. Close Mondays.

The same row and further down from Aoyama The Green Room and Mei by Fat Spoon. Also passing Naughty Babe Dirty Duck along the way.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah. For the locals yeah. The Japs seemed quite happy with their food though. lol.

  2. Can't even fill my quarter of my tummy some more so expensive, ouchhh~~

    1. yes it is pricey but more importantly, not worthwhile imho =(

  3. yeaaa, very expensive place. I was there with my girl. it was really a big ouch to our wallets.

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