Apr 22, 2014

Naughty Babe Dirty Duck @ Sri Hartamas & Desserts @ Nutmeg Bangsar

Straying you back to my realm of gripping red meats and slabs of rugged looking ribs. I miss the good old American favorites. Adam Richman in Amazing Eats - your appetite amazed me.

Naughty Babe Dirty Duck

What a name. But why?

Opened barely a month back, Naughty Babe Dirty Duck decks up mainly American inspired dishes with grilled pork ribs being their crowned specialty - humongous portion too if you'd ask me. At a glance, there were some pretty interesting eats in their menu.

Obviously working it's magic with the crowd, the place is always jam-packed, almost everyday of the week, with meat-lovers and curious onlookers alike. They have a pretty extensive wine list intact also.

In this case though, pictures won't do much justice. The place was dimly lit, thus, bad photography outcome. The food tasted way better than it looked - contrary to what has been depicted in this blog most of the time.

Dirty Fries. Rm8.

Fresh off the fryer, this basket of double fries - potato and sweet potato fries, came pipping hot and splendidly appetizing. It was a little salty I admit, but I foresee the dirty fries being a staple favorite here. 

Duck Linguine. Rm25.

The duck linguine came surprisingly delicious too. Pasta was cooked fine - nicely tossed and not drenched in oil, and the smoked duck breast was chewy and gratifying in flavors.

Half Slab Ribs. Rm38. (Full Slab Rm68).

Saving the best for the last! Six remarkably juicy grilled pork ribs enough to stuff two, or get the full rack of twelve ribs, meant to be shared between four.

Chunky sticks of sticky ribs that was rippling with cuts of tender pork meat, glazed with a layer of smoky and savory basting. There were hidden bits of garlic in it too. It was scrumptiously addictive. What I really liked about this - the enormous portion. 

After the meat laden meal, we drove to Nutmeg in Bangsar Village 2, for desserts. You can read my brunch review Here. The cakes were meant to be a extremely belated birthday gift for me. Never too late to celebrate! All desserts are priced at Rm12 per serving.


Overall Rating: 8/10. Being new, customer service deserves a triple thumbs up. Despite operating at peak capacity and with a stream of people waiting outside, food was speedy to arrive, within 10 minutes upon ordering at the most. Dinner was delicious. The portion of pork ribs served was easily one of the largest I've had so far. Or to put it this way - one of the cheapest western-styled ribs I've had in PJ and KL. I foresee myself returning really soon. 

Address: 42, Jalan 25/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 03-6211 9966 
Opening Hours: Dinner Only


  1. So semangat. Jumping from Hartamas to Bangsar. The duck looks very clean to me and the babe didn't seem to be very naughty by letting that duck sitting on top of 'em with a smile on his face. But he does look juicily fat.

    1. The gluttons are like that - semangat and kuat makan. =)
      And I'm very amused with your duck and babe comment. lol.

    2. I got better suggestion for the emblem. The duck's head should be below one of the pig's feet while the pig grins keeping the duck's head in the dirt. Then you got Naughty Babe Dirty Duck explained. :D

    3. Haha. I sure hope the owner reads this lol.

  2. Hartamas is slowly reviving what with the addition of Bricks and Barrels and NBDD. Looks like a meaty joint!

    1. yes it was babe =) finally giving me a valid reason to head over to hartamas =)

  3. Oh, another jam-packed place, no hope to visit >.<

  4. Very useful info. Hope to see more posts soon!. berezers


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