Jun 8, 2023

Part 1 : Regaining A Youthful Appearance At Kaiteki Skin Aesthetic Clinic SS2.

There's a Chinese saying that goes, "There are no ugly women, only lazy ones". I, for one, believe that practicing a bit of self-care would make a huge difference when it comes to self confidence. Be it through an upgrade in sense of style, a proper beauty or skincare routine, a touch of enhancement here and there goes a long way.

As I went pass my 30s, I realized that I should and want to take better care of myself,.

Thus, there're a couple of notable changes in my facial features that I wanted to minimally correct, one of it being my slightly sunken forehead. Mind you, having a nice, volumized forehead actually reduces years off one's appearance.

And I did just that, at Kaiteki Skin Aesthetic Clinic located in The Hub, SS2. Kaiteki has 4 other locations within the Klang Valley and 1 in Johor. Full details at the end of this writeup.

kaiteki skin aesthetic clinic ss2 review

Stepping into the Kaiteki, the clinic's environment was very cozy, spacious, comfortable and parking spots were aplenty. It was an ease getting to my appointment. 

kaiteki skin aesthetic clinic ss2 review
kaiteki skin aesthetic clinic ss2 review
kaiteki skin aesthetic clinic ss2 review

Dr. Xiao Chien was my care doctor that day. She was knowlegeable, took time to explain the type of treatments and alternatives available, addressing all my key concerns in just one consultation. 

In the end, I decided with a bit of botox on my forehead area, to temporarily relax muscle movements, followed by a filler treatment, to volumize the area.

It is also worthy to note that aesthetic treatments like these are not permanent and temporary in nature, wearing off in about 1 year, with proper care. It is also not meant to give dramatic changes, but merely minimal enhancements.

In order to achieve an optimum and longer lasting results, I was advised to split my treatment into 2 sessions. 

This is Part 1 of a 2 part series.

#1 Session : Botox Treatment

A small amount of Botox (Botulinum Toxin Type A) was injected onto my forehead lines, glabella (the area in between my eyebrows) and crows feet, to temporarily relax the muscle movements before my filler treatment. It took only about 30 minutes to complete the session. Optimum results can be seen after 10-14 days and can lasts for about 4-6 months with proper care.

kaiteki skin aesthetic clinic ss2 review

It was a very simple and quick session performed by Dr. Xiao Chien, assisted by her friendly assistants. In that regard, she was very gentle and precise, I felt little to no pain at all. Before I know it, I stepped out of the clinic in a little over 30 minutes.  

There was no downtime whatsoever, meaning I was free to do whatever I want; go whereever I wish, almost immediately after the treatment. Fantastic - because clearly, I do not have the liberty to stay home and rest for long periods of time. 

In the next 4-5 days, I experienced a bit of redness and swelling on my forehead area, as expected (mind you, I have super sensitive skin). Having said that, I was very lucky that there were no bruising marks on the injection points, meaning Dr Xiao Chien did a very skillful job in the process. I was given a bruising gel to take home just in case.

Fast Forward 2 weeks later, I went for a follow-up session. Here're some of the before-after pictures.

kaiteki skin aesthetic clinic ss2 review
[Crow Feet] Before & After
kaiteki skin aesthetic clinic ss2 review
[Forehead Fine Lines] Before & After
kaiteki skin aesthetic clinic ss2 review
[Glabella] Before & After

I was very satisfied with the intial results. My forehead looked way more relaxed than before. 

Read about Part 2 : Regaining A Youthful Apperance At Kaiteki Skin Aesthetic Clinic SS2 Here, where I got my filler treatment done.

Kaiteki Skin Aesthetic Clinic is located at:

The Hub, SS2, Petaling Jaya

Address : A-G-03, The Hub SS2, 19 Sentral, Jalan Harapan, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Phone : 03-7932 2711

Opening Hours : 10am-7pm (Mon - Fri) 10.30am - 6.30pm (Sat - Sun)

Jalil Link 2, Bukit Jalil

Address : No 5, C-5-G Jalil Link, 2, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Phone : 011-3301 7188

Opening Hours : 10am-7pm (Mon - Fri) 10am - 6pm (Sat - Sun)

Seksyen 31, Kota Kemuning

Address : No. 6-1, BE31/BE Kota Kemuning, 8, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla, Seksyen 31, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor

Phone : 012-686 6818

Opening Hours : 10am-7pm (Mon - Fri) 10am - 6pm (Sat - Sun)

Arcoris Plaza, Mont Kiara

Address : LOT LG3-2-LG3-3A, LG 3 LEVEL ARCORIS, 10, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Phone : 011-3332 5126

Opening Hours : 10am-7pm (Mon - Fri) 10.30am - 6pm (Sat - Sun)

Kota Southkey, Johor

Address : O 01-10 BLK G, KOMERCIL SOUTHKEY MOZEK, Persiaran Southkey 1, 80150 KOTA SOUTHKEY, Johor

Phone : 010-381 8170

Opening Hours : 10am-7pm (Mon - Fri) 10am - 6pm (Sat - Sun)

Shoppes, Four Seasons

Address : L4A - 1 Level 4A, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place-KL, No. 145, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Phone : +60 11-1427 8916

Opening Hours : 10am-7pm (Mon - Fri) 10am - 6pm (Sat) Sunday Closed


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