Aug 24, 2023

All About Keto With Ketogrocer Malaysia.

I'm sure you've heard of Keto Diet by now. I mean, it's all the rage these days. In addition to weight loss, keto have also been shown to enhance energy levels, improve blood sugar control, reduce inflammation, boost brain health and a great alternative for those who are diabetic.

ketogrocer online shop in malaysia

A high-fat, low-carb diet that forces the body to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. That, would essentially mean that I can eat fried chicken everyday but have to avoid rice, right? Well, not quite.

There're many different ways to follow a keto diet. Some people choose to follow the regime strictly, but as for me, I'd prefer to adopt the more relaxed approach, following certain keto recipes with keto-friendly food products that I can enjoy.

And it's really not easy to find keto-friendly food products all under one roof. Ketogrocer would be my go-to store for all things keto and low-carb.

There're a range of products available, including keto-friendly dips, sauces, and dressing, low carb noodles and sugar substitutes, to just name a few.

Here's what I got from Ketogrocer's Official Shopee Store.

Zero Carb Keto Noodle Series - Better Than Konjac
Chicken Protein & Seaweed Noodles RM8.30 | Spicy Beef Soup Pack RM5.20 | Tom Yum Soup Pack RM5.20

Made from water-based, marine brown algae along with soy or chicken protein and water. Great for people who's trying to lose weight, diabetic and people with celiac disease or gluten intolerant.

No carbs; no fats; no sugar.

I cooked it like any other noodles, no special technique required. I was half expecting the Chicken Protein Noodles to taste like chicken protein, but nah - it tasted like standard noodles but healthier. They say, its better than konjac and tastes just like water. I had it with the Spicy Beef Soup Pack and it was one hearty meal.

ketogrocer online shop in malaysia
ketogrocer online shop in malaysia

MIMO Noodle Konjac Series
Spinach noodle RM4.89 | Mihun RM4.32 | Rice RM4.32

MIMO Shirataki noodles are made from quality, Japanese konjac plant based ingredients - 97% water & 3% plant fibre. Each serving contains less than 1g of carbs, making it suitable for Keto, Paleo, Atkin, Vega, Gluten & Grain Free and is Diabetic friendly.

I had the Mihun, alongside the Tom Yum Soup Pack. The noodles felt like glass noodles but better - smooth, chewy and had bouncy textures, I really enjoyed it. My friend thinks likewise too. The Tom Yum Soup Pack on the other hand was fiery, though a tad sweet for my liking, personal preference nevertheless.

ketogrocer online shop in malaysia
ketogrocer online shop in malaysia

Keto Dipping Sauces
Thai Sweet Chili Sauce 150ml RM17.90 | Hainanese Chili Sauce 150ml RM17.90

Diabetic friendly recipe using Stevia Extract & Erythritol as sugar distribution. Does not contain any preservatives, starches, is zero-carb and gluten free.

Dipping sauces are essential for me. I have with it almost everything. For my snack time that evening, I had fried chicken with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. Delicious.

ketogrocer online shop in malaysia
ketogrocer online shop in malaysia

Keto Salad Dressing
Avocado Mayo RM18.90

Made with MCT oil (odourless, colourless and unflavored), Stevia extract and sea salt.

I felt that the Keto Avacado Mayo Salad Dressing to be a good alternative to the standard sugar-packed sauces. Again, this tasted just like avocado mayo, no surprises there.

ketogrocer online shop in malaysia

Lakanto Mont Fruit Sweetener
Sachets 30 x 5g RM12.80

A 100% natural, vegan and gluten free, zero-calorie, zero-glycemic alternative to sugar.

I find the Lakanto Mont Fruit Sweetener to be a great sugar substitute. It's all-natural and doesn't contain any sugar. One sachet is all I need in my mug of Americano.

ketogrocer online shop in malaysia

Apart from it's food products, there're also tips and recipes that I picked up on the Ketogrocer website. 


Foods to eat in Keto Diet : Fats & oil, protein, low-carb vegetables (brocolli and spinach), dairy
Foods to avoid in Keto Diet : Carbs (duh!),  processed food, sugary food and drinks

Shopping on Ketogrocer is convenient, so if you're looking for keto-friendly and low-carb food products online, in Malaysia or Singapore, Ketogrocer would be your pick.

Ketogrocer is available in Malaysia and Singapore and offers free delivery to West Malaysia for orders above RM100.00. Why not kickstart your ketogenic journey today!


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