Apr 20, 2024

Part 4 : Regaining A Youthful Appearance At Kaiteki Skin Aesthetic Clinic SS2.

2024. Blooming into the new year as the best version of myself, one tiny step at a time.  

This 2024, I decided to kickstart my beauty regime with a bit of skin booster and facial lifting, at none other than Kaiteki Skin Aesthetic Clinic. 

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kaiteki aesthetic clinic treatment review

I was soooooo happy to have Dr Pei Nee as my trusted doctor again this time round. Like my previous experience with her, she was patient, knowlegeable and really took the time to answer all my key concerns.

As part of my anti-aging regime (you really need to start looking out once you hit your late-20's), I will be focusing on 2 treatments in this write-up : High Intensive Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and K-Sculpt (a combination of Sculptra + HA Filler). I know, I know, the names itself doesn't mean much for now, but let me explain.

I went for the High Intensive Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment first, a lifting & tightening treatment. The treatment was done using an ultrasound machine, so no injectibles required here. For those with sagging facial features skin or a "plump face", this treatment also works to reshape facial contours. 

I was advised to go for at least 3-4 HIFU treatments for longer lasting results. Knowing that, I wasn't expecting to see obvious results in just 1 treatment, but let's start positively somewhere.   

#1 Session : HIFU Treatment

A HIFU device that emits beams of ultrasound waves were used on my targeted areas - cheeks, jawline and neck. The treatment lasted for about 30 minutes. 

I'm not gonna lie - but I did feel uncomfortable during my HIFU treatment. A strange nerve-pulling sensation, that was slightly painful but bearable all in all. I felt a slight warmness on my skin during the treatment, followed by some redness and soreness immediately post treatment, but went off in about a day..

I did see a slight 'lift' in my cheeks and a more defined jawline. It wasn't drastic to be very honest, just subtle enough for me to notice.

kaiteki skin aesthetic clinic ss2 review

Fast forward 2 months later, I went back for my second treatment, K-Sculpt. The most optimum time frame for this treatment is 2-weeks post-HIFU. However, it was really close to Chinese New Year at that point in time, hence I made a concious decision to postpone my treatment. So if time permits on your end, go after 2 weeks!

Now, let me tell you about this revolutionary K-Sculpt treatment.

K-Sculpt is a customised anti-aging lifting treatment, combining Sculptra + HA Filler, that is only available at Kaiteki Skin Aesthetic Clinic.

Firstly, Sculptra is a biostimulator, a FDA approved aesthetic injectible meant to improve skin quality, to stimulate natural collagen production to smooth facial wrinkles and improve skin tightness. It's basically a 'anti-aging skin booster'. Results can be seen gradually from 1 month onwards, and last for as long as 1 year.

HA Filler on the other hand, like what I've explained in my previous write-ups, is made out of hyaluronic acid, meant to keep the skin plump, hydrated and to add a bit of facial volume. It is a temporary dermal filler, meaning it's not permanent in nature and can lasts for up to 1 year with proper care.

As recommended by Dr Pei Nee, this customized treatment is meant to work hand-in-hand for the best and optimum result for me.

Let us now start with the treatment.

kaiteki aesthetic clinic treatment review

#2 Session : K-Sculpt Treatment

Numbing cream was applied to my entire face for about 15 minutes to minimized the discomfort. Dr Pei Nee started the treatment by further numbing the area with 2 anesthetic injection - 1 on the right cheek and 1 on the left. The same points were used to administer the Sculptra and HA Filler. I started with 9cc of Sculptra injectible first before enhancing the area with 1cc of HA filler. Both using the canula method. The overall treatment lasted for about 30 minutes. 

Gone were the days of multiple injection points, nowadays I'd very much prefer the canula method, to minimize the injection points and hence bruising. It's also less painful to be honest. I have extremely sensitive skin and am very prone to bruising, so this technique is life changing for me to say the least. 

For this treatment, only 2 injection points were made, right below each cheek. I felt a little prick when the anesthetic injection was administer, but apart from that, I experienced close to no pain throughout the treatment

Immediately post treatment, the area was slightly swollen and puffy (looked as though I gained a few pounds on my face), though the swelling went off in a few days. I didn't feel any further discomfort after that. There was also no bruising on the injection area. Dr Pei Nee did an amazing job as usual.

A very important thing to note : Knowing that Sculptra is a biostimulator, I was advised to do mini facial exercises at home, following the 5-5-5 Rule : massaging the area for 5 minutes, 5 times a day, for 5 days, to achieve the most optimum results. I did, obviously..... not practice this diligently. I must be kidding myself, the 5X a day rule was a real challenge for me, but I did follow through with massaging my face for 5 days straight, for at least 3X everyday - while I wash my face in the morning, evening and also before I sleep. At least I tried ya.

One month down the road, I noticed that my cheekbone area looked a little more lifted; my jawline more define; and my eye area slightly tightened, which overall made me look less tired and haggard. The saggy-features were subtly lifted, without looking overly-tight, which was what I was expecting and looking for. Hopefully the positive effects would last me for a good year.

Here're some before-after pictures. 

kaiteki aesthetic clinic treatment review
kaiteki aesthetic clinic treatment review
kaiteki aesthetic clinic treatment review

If you're looking for a bit of facial lifting or to enhance your skin quality, I'd highly recommend combining HIFU & K-Sculpt treatment, only at Kaiteki Skin Aesthetic Clinic.

Kaiteki Skin Aesthetic Clinic is located at:

The Hub, SS2, Petaling Jaya

Address : A-G-03, The Hub SS2, 19 Sentral, Jalan Harapan, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Phone : 03-7932 2711

Opening Hours : 10am-7pm (Mon - Fri) 10.30am - 6.30pm (Sat - Sun)

Jalil Link 2, Bukit Jalil

Address : No 5, C-5-G Jalil Link, 2, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Phone : 011-3301 7188

Opening Hours : 10am-7pm (Mon - Fri) 10am - 6pm (Sat - Sun)

Seksyen 31, Kota Kemuning

Address : No. 6-1, BE31/BE Kota Kemuning, 8, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla, Seksyen 31, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor

Phone : 012-686 6818

Opening Hours : 10am-7pm (Mon - Fri) 10am - 6pm (Sat - Sun)

Arcoris Plaza, Mont Kiara

Address : LOT LG3-2-LG3-3A, LG 3 LEVEL ARCORIS, 10, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Phone : 011-3332 5126

Opening Hours : 10am-7pm (Mon - Fri) 10.30am - 6pm (Sat - Sun)

Kota Southkey, Johor

Address : O 01-10 BLK G, KOMERCIL SOUTHKEY MOZEK, Persiaran Southkey 1, 80150 KOTA SOUTHKEY, Johor

Phone : 010-381 8170

Opening Hours : 10am-7pm (Mon - Fri) 10am - 6pm (Sat - Sun)

Shoppes, Four Seasons

Address : L4A - 1 Level 4A, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place-KL, No. 145, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Phone : +60 11-1427 8916

Opening Hours : 10am-7pm (Mon - Fri) 10am - 6pm (Sat) Sunday Closed


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