Aug 19, 2015

The Pirate Adventure @ Melaka Alive Malaysia

My roadtrip to Melaka last weekend consist of a blogger meetup, lunch at a Raya Open House, and a short stopover at Jonker Street. The highlight would of course be the fantastic time we had at The Pirate Adventure, Melaka Alive! Ahoy! Ahoy!

things to do in melaka

What an early rise to a Saturday morning - no sleeping in today. Our drive to Melaka was a breeze and we arrived at our designated pitstop for the day, Melaka Alive, at a little pass 11am, just in time for the Opening Ceremony of The Pirate Adventure.

This is not my first time here, you can read about my previous experience at this UNESCO Heritage Cultural Attraction Here.

The event kickstarted with a short speech given by the Advisor of Nuevo Attraction & Destination, Mohd Nizar B Mohd Najib, commerating the momentous occasion - a new treat for the tourists visiting Melaka and a proud bookmark on the Malaccan map for the locals alike.

Things To Do In Melaka

Followed by an official flag drawing ceremony by the VIPs, together with the energetic youths behind The Pirate Adventure.

Things To Do In Melaka
Mohd Nizar B Mohd Najib, Advisor to Nuevo Attraction & Destination (left) and Y.Bhg Datuk Haji Khamis B Abas, Pengurus Besar Perbadanan Muzium Melaka (right).
Things To Do In Melaka
Things To Do In Melaka

Now, here comes the most exciting part of this trip, the whole purpose I was at Melaka that eventful day, for The Pirate Adventure of course! I have been looking forward to this venture since the night before and I couldn't wait to tell you all about it. Ahoy! Ahoy!

These are some of the many amazing photographs taken by my friend Kenneth.

From glaring brightness to squinting darkness, I was instantly blinded upon stepping into The Pirate Adventure. My first thought was - gosh, please don't trip.

Amidst the darkness, I held on to the railings and anything that I could grab hold of really, while I carefully manouvred my way through the narrow walkways. Are you ready?

Metaphorically speaking, I navigated the seas of Melaka Straits, explored the dark and humid jungles for buried treasure, fought with some real life pirates, with sounds of waves and storms at the background.

There were many nitty gritty treasure trove to play with, there were also pirates trying to scare me. I got distracted and accidentally banged onto the edge of a ship halfway through. Not to worry, I didn't get hurt.

It was a short tour this one, before I knew it, I braced the sunlight at the other end of the tunnel, ready as ever to feast on some lunch. 

We were entertained by traditional Malay bands and performances while we ate. It was the last day of Raya and what better way to end that but with an authentic Malay feast.

After a fun-filled afternoon, we regrouped and finally got around to taking more pictures of ourselves, a camaraderie moment among the bloggers who were present that day.

things to do in melaka

For me, The Pirate Adventure felt very much like a child-friendly haunted house - but then again, I don't scare easily - inspired largely by the legend behind the pirates at sea. 

Expect to see loads of realistic looking pirate ensembles - the pirate galleon ship, zombie swords and daggers, treasure trove, pirate cannons, jolly roger flags, dangling skeletons and skulls, and much more. They've got some real good stuff in here, even a benched walkway!

But what'd probably dazzled me the most was the real life characters, dressed to impressed, ready to jump out at you! Some are real; some are not. You have been warned! 

Think: Pirates Of The Carribean. Imagine: Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa and the eccentric ship crew. 

On that note, The Pirate Adventure would make a thrilling stopover for tourists visiting Melaka and a hunting ground for Jack Sparrow and horror fans alike. Rest assured, the attraction is family and child friendly, not at all horrifying or over the top, but be prepared for some scream moments. It was fun! Can I go again?

Thank you Melaka Alive for having us. It was a pleasure to be part of this joyous occasion.

The Pirate Adventure Ticket Prices and Opening Hours. Click image for direct link to website for online bookings.

Address: Melaka Alive, Jalan Parameswara, Bandar Hilir, Melaka. (Waze: Melaka Alive)
Hoteline: 012-266 9374 / 012-266 9461 / +603-7877 2828
Official Website:


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