Mar 31, 2015

Melaka Cultural Performance @ Melaka Alive Malaysia

There's just something about cultural performances that does not ceased to fascinate me. Tourist especially, this is one show in Malacca that you wouldn't want to miss. They say, History Comes Alive here!

After The Grand Opening of The Shore @ Malacca River, we flew over to Melaka Alive - pardon the metaphor but its true! Despite the bustling Malaccan traffic and night owls, we got there slightly over 10 minutes later. Refer to the map below for ease of direction. 

Upon stepping into Melaka Alive, I was immediately mesmerized by the impressive architecture.

From the beautifully crafted warship that took center stage, to the dramatic visual and sound effects, which brought together elements of traditional theatrical performance against a sophisticated technology background. There was just so much to see and photograph here!

Melaka Alive Ticket Prices & Showtime

Show Time: 7.30pm Or 9.00pm, Thursday - Saturday.
Duration: 30-45 minutes

There are two parts to tonight's cultural performance - indoor and outdoor. For those who're keen to have some fun - grab a rain coat from the crew members and sit right upfront. 

Trust me - be prepared - you will get wet. 

Now, enough of the details, let us move on to the exciting part! The performance!

We were not only enthralled by the performance throughout, but the clear dedication of crew members and performers alike won our hearts. Thank you very much for the amazing experience. It was definitely a fun journey altogether, everyone was laughing away, hugging our bags tightly every time the rain falls!

For locals who have not been here, do visit, and as for the tourists, reiterating my point above, this is one cultural performance show in Melaka you wouldn't want to miss.

Before I end, here are some reads of the history behind the cultural performance. The show is conducted in English.

Bahtera Merdeka Show
Set on board a ship inspired stage, this extravaganza tale of Panglima Awang is brought to life in a play combines spectacular visuals, effects, music and live acting to tell the story of Melaka’s rich and diverse history, from the establishment of the city by its founder Parameswara to its fall at the hands of the Portuguese. Amongst other things, the performance highlights the legend of the Mouse Deer and the Dogs, the arrival of Admiral Cheng Ho’s fleet and the coming of de Sequiera and de Albuquerque to the shores of the kingdom. The Experience of 5D, The First of its kind in Asia! Live fire, Wind, Water, Earth special effects, immersive light and sound show creating a spectacular WORLD class 5D experience. It is a MUST-GO-PLACE!
Colors Of Melaka
The attractions are to be framed by a night festival outside serving as a marketplace fashioned after the grounds of the 15th century Sultan’s Palace. The site will function as a central hub with retail, food and beverages served from traditional Malay ox carts with theatrical performances in the background adding to the atmosphere bringing to life moments from history.

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Address: Melaka Alive, Jalan Parameswara, Bandar Hilir, Melaka.
Hoteline: 012-266 9374 / 012-266 9461 / +603-7877 2828
Official Website:
Facebook Page: HERE

Melaka Alive Map


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