May 8, 2015

La Cafe Memoire @ TTDI KL - Affordable Eats Great Desserts Stuffy Room

A Saturday evening well spend.

La Cafe Memoire

Meant to be a Italian coffee and cakes joint, La Cafe Memoire opened its doors about 6 month back wanting to serve just that.

Things didn't go in favor however, they've since revamped and rolled out a new menu - it's much more exciting now! And there's so much to choose from! Expect to see loads of Italian fusion dishes, as well as some creatively crafted French desserts to boost.

The chef come owner, Brian Liew does most of everything here, from designing and constructing, to creating the menu as well as cooking the dishes. He's shy but remember to say hi while you're there!

Cafe Alexander. Rm13.

Only in La Cafe Memoire - double espresso, roasted cacao beans and hazelnut syrup served chilled. Don't be deceived by its black-coffee looks, this is a much more sweeter and milder version of that.

Caffe Mocha. Rm11.

Fizzy Honey Lemon (Rm11). Fresh Juices (Rm10). Fizzy Berry (Rm12.50).

Smoked Duck Salad. Rm9.

Smoked duck slices and fruit salad in splatters of vinaigrette dressing. What a great way to start our meal!

Creamy Bacon Pasta. Rm14.

Homemade fettuccine with pork bacon, garlic and mushroom bits. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of cream based pastas though preference aside, I felt that there were way too much coriander in this.

Seafood Aglio Olio. Rm15.

I have a feeling that the chef highly favors cooking with coriander. The aglio olio also came with sprinkles-full of coriander but this time, with loads of fresh seafood to boost. We enjoyed this.

Japanese Curry Pasta. Rm17.50.

My top pick - this Japanese curry pasta. The fettucine was made from scratch, it had a fantastic chew and the chicken dice had mouthwatering sweet-savory flavors to it. This was gone in minutes.

Mussels And Fries. Rm30.

This felt like one of those French inspired moules marinieres - steamed mussels with rum instead of white wine. Great to be eaten during a rainy night though I thought it was lacking a little in that hearty factor. 

Duck Confit. Rm26.

Duck confit leg served with mixed beans and salad. The meat was done quite well, but if it were to be served with a hearty dose of brown sauce instead - this would be scrumptious.

Pork Chop. Rm25.

My least favorite dish of the night. Marinated with Mongolian spices, the pork felt a bit too juicy to be called a pork chop and it was missing that char-grilled flavor that I really liked. In fact, I thought this was a little odd.

Deluxe Pork Burger. Rm18.50.

The grilled pork patty stood out for me - it had a juicy steamed center that was bursting with flavors. If it were to sit on the grill a little longer, this would make a great burger.

Pepperoni Pizza. 

Pizzas are not part of the menu yet but they're rolling out a couple of new flavors soon. We were stuffed by the time we got to this. It fell a little flat, we didn't finish it.

Nutty Bacon Sundae. Rm11.

Something different to tickle your taste buds. Perfectly caramelized bacon, sweetened mix nuts, caramel drizzles and get this - vanilla ice cream and kalamansi sorbet at the bottom. That's a first and it was a marvelous match.

Strawberry Tart. Rm10.

I popped a strawberry into my mouth and thought immediately - so fresh! Eaten together with the custard tart at the bottom, this felt heavenly.   

Chocolate Brownie. 

A massive slice of delectable chocolate brownie served with a dollop of refreshing coconut ice cream. This photo doesn't justify its size, you have to try this!

Overall Rating: 7/10. We really enjoyed our food today, especially the desserts, those were really good. Italian or French or not I'm too sure, but as long as it taste swag, I've got no complains. I would recommend the freshly made pastas and salads and don't forget the desserts!

The only thing that bothered me was the stuffy room. The kitchen was not enclosed, it's opened aired, with a tiny air ventilator attached to the ceiling. Expect gushes of charred aroma and smoke seeping through. Even if you opt to sit outdoors, smokers would probably turn the non-smokers off. Be prepared to smell like food when you leave!

La Cafe Memoire is located at:
Address: 7A, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 KL
Phone: 03-77317574 / 016-663 2718
Opening Hours: 9am - 11pm Daily. Closed Mondays.

Located along the same row as Surisit Thai & Mukha Cafe & Peruvian Peruvie, or the row behind Artisan Coffee & TDH. 


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