Aug 10, 2013

Surisit The Thai Kopitiam @ TTDI KL

Me and two really close friends made plans to meet up over lunch - to catch up on our daily affairs and also to get updates on my friend's wedding preparations, where I will be 'chi mui'  (bridesmaid) for the first time! Oh, am I excited! Get ready to die you 'heng dai(s)' (bridesgroom) #ishallretainmycomposure

Surisit The Thai Kopitiam

My friend suggested Thai this time round. He was telling us all about it in the car and I couldn't wait to taste it for myself.

You'd probably walk pass this place numerous times without realizing it. Tucked at the quieter back row of TTDI square, right next to Mukha café and behind Artisan Roast Coffee. This place is notably overshadowed by the bigger and brighter signage of the surrounding restaurants.

Despite being featured in various press previously - where's the crowd? This place isn't build on hype, which I stubbornly insists that it's an opportunity lost - the food was really good. Particularly so if it's a standalone restaurant and especially if it's a newly established one - buzz counts, seriously.

Displaying neatly on shelve are bottles of soft drinks. I wonder how long these have been kept for.

Stuffed Chicken Wings. Rm4.90/each.  

In choosing a starter, we decided to go with stuffed chicken wings - minced meat wrapped with a thin layer of chicken then deep fried. To start things of, there weren't much fillings in them and it was a little mushy but still crisp. It was fine but I wouldn't jump to order this again.

Seafood Tom Yum. Rm29.90.

Our Tom Yum came with an abundance of seafood. The spicy lemongrass with chilli flavoured soup was no doubt spicy but it was oh-so-good. In fact, one of the better versions I've had so far - my friends agreed. I savoured every splendid spoonful of tom yum, deliberately swallowing it quickly, afraid that my tongue will burn if it lingers. This would make an excellent rainy night dish.

Stir Fried Glass Noodles with Chicken. Rm12.90.

Our plate of stir fried glass noodles had great harmonious texture - not too dry yet not too wet and the chicken breast meat was cooked moist and juicy.

Moo Thod Kapi (Fried Pork). Rm16.90.

This has got to be one of the best creation ever made. We attacked the pork almost immediately after it was served (after the picture of course). Thin layers of pork cook and shrimp paste cooked with kaffir lime leaves and chilli, then deep fried into a golden brown colour. I reckon the secret must be in the batter - it was crunchy and salty, like salty-egg salty and extremely appetizing. I kept on going back for more, I swear I could gobble this all up on my own - it was that good.

Lime Juice (Rm5.90). Orange Juice (Rm7.90). Thai Soya (Rm7.90).

Red Rubies with Coconut Milk. Rm6.90.

A simple arrangement presented on crushed ice and right at the bottom was red rubies (chestnut). I was expecting mango shreds on the ice but guess what? It was Jackfruit! I thought there was a little too much coconut milk going on in there though.

Full Menu available Here.

Overall Rating: 8/10. I can't say this enough but the fried pork was incredible and the Tom Yum was just so tasty. I would definitely recommend and come back for more Thai delights soon.

Surisit is located at:
17, Ground Floor, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, TTDI, 60000 KL
03-7710 0173
11am-10.30pm (Weekdays) 9am-10.30pm (Weekends) Closed Tuesday.

At the back of Artisan Roast Coffee and right next to Mukha café.


  1. Ya ya, the fried pork, I'll never share with others!

  2. arghh you make me craving for tomyam now T____T that's my favourite dish at a thai restaurant :P

    1. usually not my fav - too spicy! but then surisit's version is good =)


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