Feb 3, 2015

Pizza San Francisco @ Kota Damansara - Ahh Well...

An American name but an Italian and Oriental menu. Oh, that clearly got me confused.

Pizza San Francisco

"Its in Giza square", I said confidently while searching through facebook trying to locate an address.
"Are you sure?" my friend asked again.
"Oh wait. It says Kota Damansara Signature Park", I pointed at google maps.
"That's further down", my friend replied.

Well, getting there was a bit of a distance compared to what I presumed earlier. Located on the quieter side of Kota Damansara and further down the bustling Sunway Giza and The Strand stretch.

Pizza San Francisco has been around for about 15 years, a century-old for a neighborhood pizza place so to speak. This is not my first visit to Pizza San Francisco, you can read about my previous visit to The Mines outlet here.

This supposed pizza parlor is full of surprises.

To be honest, I found the menu a little confusing. With a name like Pizza San Francisco, I was really expecting some big-American-eats. Think - pizza, pasta, burgers, milk shakes, you name it. I was quite taken aback when I found out that a fusion of Italian and Oriental dishes are served here instead. Think again - Thai tomyum soup with English spices and herbs, Kedondong and Strawberry Bandung beverages, pizza with chili padi. To me, it felt Malaysian-fusion. Things aside, as long as the flavor blends in finely, I shall not object. So how'd the food fared?

Mushroom Bruschetta. Rm3.95.

We started our meal with a slice mushroom bruschetta - a new addition in their menu. The creamy topping tasted great but the bread tasted sadly soggy and stale.

Chicken Nachos. Rm16.90.

Crisp nachos topped with chicken cubes and a layer of melted cheese. In the middle - sour cream and avocado mash. A compulsory dish to order every time I'm here.

Ceasers Salad. Rm11.90.

This was a delicious salad. Crisp Romaine lettuce; nicely-balanced Cesar dressing and tender chicken thigh meat.

Seafood Soup. Rm15.90.

Order if you're a fan of spicy tomyum soup. This tom yum inspired recipe sprinkled with English herbs and spices had a spicy and addictive flair to it. Everyone enjoyed this.

Cioppino. Rm17.90.

The baked fish was a rockstar - delightfully charred, flaky flesh that had a mild natural sweetness to boost. I reckon the fish itself could make a dish of its own.

Seafood Spaghetti. Rm21.90.

Huge fan of this dish also. The seafood came bouncy and fresh!

Santa Barbara. Rm27.90.

PSF version of a cordon bleu. Chicken breast wrapped with turkey salami and cheese stuffing with black pepper sauce at the side. 

Chicken Chop. Rm18.90.

The first mouthful of this crisp golden brown chicken fillet was gratifying. But as I continued on, I felt that there were barely any chicken in between. It felt as though I was just eating breaded crumbs after awhile.

Baked Lamb. Rm59.90.

Oddly, the roasted potatoes were the highlight for me. I felt that the oven baked rack of lamb tasted gamey and the honey mint sauce didn't do much to camouflaged the aftertaste at all.

Pizzaido. Rm28.90.

Order only if you're dying for a pizza.

San Special. Rm31.90.

Pizza San Francisco's signature dish - half turkey salami calzone and half minced chicken pizza. Beautifully made and scrumptious on every mouthful. Remember to slather on the tomato paste at the side!

Creme Brulee. Rm4.90.

Cream egg custard that felt like soft cheesecake in a bowl. I felt that the textures were far from perfection. No one finished their portion.

Tiramisu. Rm7.90.

Don't get me wrong, this tasted fine - like a really good spongecake. Tiramisu?

Pizza San Francisco Menu Here.

Overall Rating: 7/10. There were some misses and hits in today's meal. The appetizers and mains were all pleasantly satisfying, though I would probably shy away from the oven baked lamb - the most expensive dish today and also my least favorite of them all. The desserts on the other hand were probably the weakest link. Both the creme brulee and tiramisu fell short. Withal, if you're looking for an American-Italian restaurant with a twist of Malaysian flavors, Pizza San Francisco would do you fine. Oh, please remember to try the San Special!

Pizza San Francisco is located at:
Address: 1-1-1 Block 1 Jalan Teknologi 2/1C, Kota Damansara Signature Park, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya Selangor.
Phone: 016 - 2611 399
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm Daily

Other Pizza San Francisco Outlets: Kota Kemuning, Bangi, The Mines. Bukit Jelutong, Wangsa Maju, KL Festival City


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