Jul 28, 2014

Strangers At 47 & Humble Pie Co @ Section 17 PJ

Sometimes, good food for me comes in the form of surprises. Crepe lovers - you wouldn't want to miss this place. 

Strangers at Forty 7

While I believe that crepes should be eaten during breakfast or brunch - because there's absolutely no better time more satisfying than having crepes as a first meal, there's always an exception.

I was thrilled to have dinner here - that I skipped lunch that day.

Me and my friends stepped into Strangers at 47 at a little pass 6pm, slightly earlier than the usual dinner time. There were already tables of hungry patrons occupying the place, famishing off their food. Who says crepes are meant for day-time only? Great as tea time nibbles too apparently.

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On that note, letting a shop lot number dictate what'd you name a restaurant sounds like a gamble. But it could also mean that the place is here to stay for long. Why 47 you'd ask? That's the shop lot number. 

There's about 12 items in the menu - a selection of sweet and savory fusion crepes. 

Good enough to make you come back for a second visit and just ample to pick your favorites. Throwing in the occasional promotional dish would also keep the hype going I figured.

We've been warned that portions here are rather small. Hence, we knew that a savory crepe would have to be paired with a sweet crepe after for a tummy-filling meal.

For three of us, we ordered three savory crepes to share followed by two sweet crepes for dessert. All of the below are based on recommendation.

Smooshie. Rm7.

Matcha Latte. Rm10.

Tea. Rm8.

A Hen's Crush. Rm17.

The pan seared chicken was perfectly cooked - it was juicy, tender, yet bursting with flavors, and sitting on a crisp hash brown. My friend was raving about how scrumptious hash brown was. The home made spicy tangy sauce had a pleasing savory taste to it and the chili flaked crepe added great textures to the overall dish. 

Shore to Please. Rm21.50.

Shore To Please came in the form of a delicious seafood crepe - cajun tiger prawns, battered squid, spinach and caramelised onions. Again - clever presentation that made the dish very appetizing at hindsight. However, I couldn't taste the salted egg yolk inside. But oh yes - it is sure to please.

BBC. Rm23.

The Rockstar of the dish - the butter sauteed portobello. It was one of the best I've had. The chicken chorizo was equally delectable - sweet and deliciously glazed on the outside while savory inside. The texture of the wholemeal crepe reminded me of the Indian Tosai, though not as rich of course.

It's Kelapa. Rm9.

Orange crepe with pandan infused coconut custard drizzled with orange caramel and a sprinkle of toasted almond flakes and shaved coconut.

That may have sounded like a whole lot of ideas on a plate. For me though, it merely tasted like crepe and custard topped with shaved coconut bits and vanilla ice cream. It really didn't need the extra orange infused flavors.

Purple Rage. Rm9.

The sweat potato crepe on the other hand tasted distinct - sweet potato fillings and crepe, with coconut sago, on a pool of pandan infused gula melaka. All had individual flavors that I really liked.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10. A buoyant yet excellent find at Strangers at 47. Its surprising that even though the restaurant is still very new, handled by a bunch of really young chaps, the food have already kick started at a very good mark. Though I have to note that prices here are a little steep to begin with. However, being one of the sole places in the Klang Valley that serves crepe based dishes, I reckon if standards are maintained and perhaps the menu extended a little bit more, the place would do pretty well in the long run. The crepes on its own would make a terrific light meal.

Strangers At 47 is located at:
Address: 47, Jalan 17/45, Section 17 Petaling Jaya.
Phone: 011-1669 5707
Opening Hours: 11am-10pm (Weekends) 5pm-10pm (Weekdays) Closed Tuesday.

We head over to Humble Pie Co., just down the block, to taste-test some of their pies after that.

Humble Pie Co.

Summary Rating: 5/10. For me, my drop-over at Humble Pie Co. was an utter disappointment. Why? 

With A Pie Thing making such a great entrance into the Klang Valley, I was undeniably expecting a bit more here. What was surprising to me, despite calling itself a pie place, there is essentially only three types of pies available - very humble indeed. We had the Banoffee pie (Rm12) and Duffee pie (Rm15), while bypassing the Musang King pie (Rm18), of which I thought all was very overpriced for the portion given. I have to admit though, taste wise, it was quite good and many would've enjoyed the durian versions. That said, it still wouldn't justify itself being a pie place, given by humble opinion. There is also quite a fair selection of pastas, salads and mains in it's menu. Even the tea choices outrun the number of pies! Perhaps the restaurant would be better of calling itself a cafe than a pie-centric place. When I left, I was still bedazzled that there were only three types of pies available at a pie place. 

Humble Pie Co. is located at:
Address: 11, Jalan 17/45, Section 17 Petaling Jaya.
Phone: +60169221973 / +60379321793
Opening Hours: 11.30am-10pm (Weekday) 11am-10.30pm (Weekend) Closed Monday.


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    1. yes it sure does. =) and taste likewise too =)

  2. hey thanks for the review of Humble Pie...saves me the trouble of going there n getting disappointed with ONLY 3 types of pies...n not moderately priced at that. Nice pix.

  3. Thanks for the review info. Might drop by for some stomach pleasure. Very helpful and my compliment to the blogger. Besides being pretty and adorable *soooo inlove*. Keep food review going. <3


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