Nov 13, 2013

Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village 2

I'm insanely addicted to Café food, especially those that offer big breakfast fry-ups!

This is my kind of place. I simply can't - just can't resist the lure of a strong cup of coffee and lashings of bacon and scrambled eggs to go with it.

I see a new trend forming in this blog now. Do you?

Breakfast and brunch cafes in the heart of Bangsar is ever-flourishing. This time round, I'm bringing you to Nutmeg - a restaurant that came highly recommended by some of my diehard brunch-mates.

I arrived at a little pass 2.30pm - way pass my usual lunch time. Hence, the growling tummy from the unsettled foodie.

Nevertheless, the place was still bustling with activity, with full occupancy and a steady stream of customers walking in and out of the restaurant. What more on peak brunch hour?

Wooden furniture and fittings, dangling plants, abstract canvas paintings, hand-written chalk boards, tins of coffee and jars of pickles - tad cluttered, tad vintage and a tad confused perhaps.

Their breakfast offerings were downright enticing - I simply couldn't decide!

Brioche French toast, Eggs-Ben, Spanish frittata - it was endless. But knowing that salted beef is one of their specialties, I was more than glee to go with that.

Service was quick and efficient, thus I really didn't have to wait long.

Nutmeg Big Breakfast. Rm28.

Who doesn't like a colourful and bountiful plate?

The best part about ordering big breakfast is this - smoked salmon, lamb sausage and poached eggs - classics, that could never go wrong.

What I found appealing about Nutmeg's version - whole instead of sliced cherry tomatoes and nicely grilled sautéed button mushrooms, golden brown mac and cheese that was lacking in cheese but a great alternative to the usual hash brown and a dollop of sweet chilli sauce that adds fantastic flavours to the overall dish.

Beating my favourite big breakfast thus far, at Antipodean Café.

Eggs Benedict with Salted Beef. Rm26.

The Eggs-Ben was a real beauty and definitely food porn worthy.

Under those hollandaise-smothered poached eggs, was a remarkably delicious slice of tender salted beef, on two thick cut and lightly toasted bread.

The salad at the side came with a nice, sweet and sour vinaigrette dressing that was equally scrumptious.

Not the same, but beating my all time favourite Eggs-Ben, at The Red Beanbag.

Cappuccino. Rm8.

Overall Rating: 8/10. Note that prices are easily 5 bucks above the average Bangsar market rates for most of its menu offerings. Besides that, need I say more? Nutmeg is officially going into the 'Sharon's Favourite' list! And oh - I have also unravelled a new found love for Salted Beef!

Nutmeg is located at:
UGF-28A, Bangsar Village II, 2 Jalan Telawi 1, 59100 Bangsar Baru, KL
60 3-2201 3663


  1. I don't see bacon in the menu. :(
    They don't serve pork, huh? But they serve salted beef which is unique here. Their big breakfast price can beat most of my lunch price. LOL

    1. yeah, its a pork-free establishment =) not a bad thing too since their salted beef is fantastic like that =)

  2. what sausage they using for the Big Breakfast? Looks like lamb sausage..

  3. I've seen some reviews on other blogs before, interesting place for breakfast indeed :)

    1. yes it is! always crowded though way pass lunch. cost a penny more nonetheless =)

  4. Wow....1utama 5-hour food adventure. ..its AWESOME!


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