Feb 16, 2014

Thai Ho Chiak @ SS2 PJ

Don't you find spicy and hot food much more comforting and enjoyable, especially on a rainy day? I do! And that's exactly what I did.

Thai Ho Chiak

It's been awhile since I've last step foot into a Thai eatery.

Knowing that there's only a handful of standalone Thai restaurants in PJ, I really didn't have much choices. I contemplated to revisit the good-old My Elephant or Surisit Thai Kopitam, in turn for trying some place new. Merely reminiscing about those crunchy and sinful fried pork I had at Surisit makes my hunger pangs even more unbearable now.

I guess the foodie in me spoke louder that gloomy afternoon - Thai Ho Chiak it is.

Opened slightly over a year back, Thai Ho Chiak's Food menu has pretty much got all your favourite Thai dish-offerings. Except for Tako - which I specifically took note of as I was craving for some Thai pudding that day, but ended up having none.

Nevertheless, the menu is quite simple. Catering to all tastes and cravings, from pork to chicken, appetizers and salads. They've got lunch and dinner covered as well.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup. Rm30 (Small).

An abundance of seafood happening in this sizzling pot. There were really an aplenty to go around, for a dish that I assumed was meant for two.

Classic spicy and sour tom yum soup, with four large fresh and bouncy freshwater prawns, loads of chewy squids, plenteous of oyster mushrooms and a handful of herbs and greens to boost. 
Thai Green Curry Chicken. Rm18 (Small).

My urge to have Thai that day was solely because of this. Green curry chicken!

My cravings though, fell short of satisfaction. No doubt the green curry was good - it was scrumptiously sweet and appetizingly aromatic when served, there were barely any chicken in it, it was all skin.

Thai Red Curry with Beef. Rm22 (Small).

My friend was raving throughout the entire meal on how good this was! 

The thick curry broth was quite spicy but was extremely flavorsome and with the right balance of taste. Eaten together with Thai fragrant rice coupled with those chewy slices of beef, me and my friend was close to fighting for the very last slice.

Jing Du Pork Ribs. Rm20 (Small).


This is the type of dish where it may look aplenty but taken off-the-bone, there is more of less a few mouthfuls of meat left only.

Essentially a Chinese dish, this pork ribs glazed in a thick layer of sweet and savory sauce, butchered into smaller chunks and sprinkled with a handful of sesame seeds, was quite delicious all in all. Though I had a tough time prying the meat off its bone.

Green Tea Ice Cream. Rm5.90.

Scoops of green tea ice cream that was very course in texture and had squeaks of ice in between. It wasn't a premium grade ice cream, though I wasn't expecting much to begin with, all I wanted was plain green tea flavoured ice cream.

Despite the shortcomings in terms of quality, I really-really enjoyed this - surprisingly. Who would've known that this would pair so well with spicy Thai food?

Water Chestnut (Red Ruby). Rm5.90.

One of the most generous Red Ruby desserts I've had!

Crunchy water chestnuts, globs of tapioca pearls, slices of fragrant jack fruit, in a pool of coconut milk. Unlike most red ruby desserts, that tends to be overwhelmingly rich in coconut milk, this one - was pretty well balanced.

On a side note, a bowl of fragrant rice costs Rm2.00 and 80 cents for a glass of warm water. Service charge at 10% only.

Click Here for Thai Ho Chiak Menu.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10. Thai Ho Chiak plates up satisfactory servings of authentic Thai food. Despite the meager meats, the green curry was easily one of the best I've had around. The red ruby dessert was fantastic and also one of my top picks too. If you are from the neighborhood, by all means, do head over. Parking could be a hassle during peak hours nonetheless.

Thai Ho Chiak is located at:
No. 2, Jalan 19/3, Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46300
03-7931 7751
Open 11am – 11pm daily

Minutes drive from SS2 Square, Jaya One, Jaya 33 and the likes. A corner shop lot situated in front of the Rothman roundabout and right next to Greenview Chinese Restaurant. You won't miss the big red signboard.


  1. Eh, looks more like a Chinese restaurant than a Thai restaurant.

  2. Chinese?!?!?! Only the last dish I reckon.

  3. I like the name of this place haha, that tab tim krob looks amazing too!

    1. you like the name! I reckon the name is the one which sounds chinese more than thai lol.

  4. Always pass by but no urge to go in, thanks for your recommendation, will try it out if I happen to be at that area agian :)

  5. Walao, win liao lor.

    on the side note, RM30 for a tomyum!? and its only for 2 person?

    1. Yes! though on a side note, you know that I'm a big eater right. I reckon 4 can share actually. lol

    2. Well, I kinda trust u lah. I believe I also can finish that and rice together.

    3. you kinda trust me! that's great =)


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