Feb 6, 2014

The Good Batch @ Damansara Utama PJ

It was meant to be a cosy session of rekindling with a good friend, whom recently returned to homeland to celebrate CNY. An annual affair which we adhere to without fail since I got back from Straya.

But this time round, we thought - in view of the festive spirit, the more the merrier right?

Hence, adding on to the already-cramped table and loud chit-chatter overlapping each other - four cute Chics (including myself #pleasedontpukeyet) and three Korean guys. And yes - I've included a picture this time round as well.

The Good Batch

I'm back - with another breakfast write up for The Good Batch.

Please click Here to read my previous review.

Nothing drastic has changed in the menu from the last time I visited, apart from the additional slip of paper attached to the writing board, consisting of CNY inspired dishes. We weren't too keen on that that morning, thus decided to stick to the conventional breakfast offerings instead.

Kindly enlarge for The Good Batch's Menu.

Cappuccino. Rm8.50.

Café Latte. Rm8.50.

Iced Americano. Rm9.

Orange Juice.

Hanami Tea. Rm8.

Meant for the ladies - strawberry infused tea.

The Angmoh. Rm25.90.

First up, The Angmoh. The complete breakfast lots decked deliciously onto an oversized plate.

Soft and fluffy seasoned scrambled eggs, streaks of savoury beef bacon, grilled chicken sausage, ripened cherry tomatoes, juicy Portobello mushrooms, pan fried potatoes, dad's baked beans and a large slice of lightly toasted bread.

Norwegian. Rm20.90. 

A compulsary dish in a breakfast menu!  

The Norwegian came with thick flaps of nicely folded smoked salmon and salad, topped with two perfectly poached eggs, and lemony hollandaise sauce - great flavours and toothsome textures. You can rarely go wrong with smoked salmon.

Portobello Road. Rm19.90.

This is my favourite of the day - Portobello Road.

The rock star of the dish would have to be the massive breaded Portobello mushroom - it was crisp, plump, and came unexpectedly oil-free. Eaten together with the lots, it had a wonderful savoury crunch with a hint of sweetness from the oozing egg yolk.

Malaysian-Lah. Rm22.90.

Re-attempting the roti canai wrap versions - but fell short once again.

Somehow, I don't think this idea would appeal to the consensus. I had the Mexican roti canai wrap the other time, but ended up famishing the fillings only. The Malaysian-Lah version came with chunky pieces of roasted lamb, but yet again, the roti canai was just too chewy and dry. You'd probably end up having a tough time prying it apart with a fork and knife.

Parisienne. Rm20.90.

Not recalling that I ordered the exact same dish the last time I was here, I chose the Parisienne again that day.

Three decks of French toast stuffed with turkey ham, and layered with homemade béchamel sauce. It was as good as I remembered, with minor tweak to the eggs.

As promised, a Group picture. No Super Junior there obviously.

Overall Rating: 7/10. You know the saying - second time is always not as good as the first. Somehow or rather, it holds true this time round. The food was wonderful, but not as amazing as I'd remember. I like The Good Batch's menu as it is creatively different compared to the rest, though the combination of some dishes may not blend well on some parts. Like I've reiterated in my earlier write up, I'm not a huge fan of the indoor lighting, it was glaring from the direct sunlight, but probably shadowy at the corners. Notwithstanding, I had a wonderful time mingling and catching up with the rest, I'm definitely looking forward to our next huddle.

Please click Here to read my previous review.

The Good Batch is located at:
53, SS21/1A, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya
+603 - 7733 2303
Opening hours 10am onwards daily

Located at the corner lot and the same row as Wondermilk, Fat Spoon Café and Telekom Malaysia, directly facing the. You would need to do a U-turn at the roundabout and another round-around the block to park right in front of The Good Batch.


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