Oct 15, 2013

The Good Batch @ Damansara Uptown PJ

Read my updated review of The Good Batch Here!

Another new café, breakfast and brunch hotspot to hit the heart of Uptown - where I rediscover my joy for big breakfast!

I was very delighted when I first heard about this.

The Good Batch
About a month back, TGB was still in pre-launch mode - creating a bit of a buzz along the way.

On the day I went, at peak lunch hour that is - a line ensued from the entrance and the place was already operating at full steam, crowded with a house full of hungry patrons to add.

I tip-toed and straddled pass the foot steps of The Good Batch - deliberately, and probably acting a little strange. I was feeling extremely light hearted and gleeful that lovely Sunday afternoon.

Part and Parcel of being part of The Good Batch perhaps?

TGB is pork free but serves alcohol.

From where I sat, I had a good view of the servers, coolly scrambling in and out of the kitchen door - balancing plates of delicate poached eggs and sandwiches stacked high, with the exception of that very one time that a poached egg actually did, accidentally splattered onto the cement floor.

I found the place to be a little too 'sunny' - excessive rays of natural sun light prompted the use of sunglasses indoors, which many did not hesitate to don by the way.
Don't get me wrong, I love the orange-hued natural lights, but I was sitting at the wrong spot! I should've swapped seats with my friend since I got all the angles wrong.


The menu is creatively printed on a brown recycled paper - pages of descriptive reading was pure confusion for the indecisive hungry-girl. Quick decision making time! 

There wasn't a huge lot to choose from to begin with, but there were a couple of really interesting All-day-breakfast offerings.

Despite non-stop gazing at the dishes coming out of the kitchen, hoping that one if it was mine, it took awhile before my breakfast came and so did the coffee.
That said - the servers were really friendly yet apologetic and brought us glasses of water then rushed back to check on our orders almost immediately.

A teeny bit of superfluous service like that, made it okay for a longer wait and does wonders to the overall dining experience.

Cappuccino & Latte (Rm8-Rm10).

Nothwithstanding - I decided to go with the more interesting section of their All-day-breakfast this time round, leaving the slightly more conventional breakfast treats for another time.

Mexican. Rm23.90.

What prompted me to order this in the first place was the descriptive wordings of 'roti canai' burrito, chunky chicken, scrambled eggs and guacamole (avocado). 
What arrived was a stale and dry-looking wrap.
One bite and I thought - this dish is in desperate need of a distinctive sauce, which I was forced to improvised using chilli sauce instead. It really-really needs more sauce.
The chicken meat though, was done just right and so was the scrambled eggs, but both did not do any justice to the burrito at all, instead, added dryness to the overall texture. I could barely taste the guacamole also.
I really love the idea but the version needs tweaking.

Parisiene. Rm20.90.

Parisiene on the other hand, was a wonderful breakfast choice, which could also make it as a potential favourite at TGB.

Layers of sweet and fluffy French toast, stuffed with turkey ham, grayue, melted 'gooey' parmesan and homemade béchamel sauce. I ate this exquisitely, drenched in nicely poached egg yolks, bit by bit.

It all worked out really well - an absolute lunch stealer if you may.

Overall Rating: 7/10. Like all new-restaurant-syndrome, I'm sure the menu will still undergo enhancements and tweaking in the next few months or so. Being so near home, I will be returning to try out the Mestilah Malaysian and Mediterranean breakfast sets, thus, back with a review real soon. As for now, what's good in The Good Batch? Parisiene it is.
The Good Batch is located at:
53, SS21/1A, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya
7733 2303
Opening hours 10am onwards daily
Located at the corner lot and the same row as Wondermilk, Fat Spoon Café and Telekom Malaysia, directly facing the. You would need to do a U-turn at the roundabout and another round-around the block to park right in front of The Good Batch.


  1. The Mexican and Parisiene looks very delicious...
    Next weekend going to try :)

  2. sik san! the food look so yummylicious! now i am so hungry lar!! =p

    1. haha sik san - what?!
      go eat babe! It's really near your place! =)

  3. Not a fan of any "wrap" so I'll choose the Parisiene!

  4. yes! though many would say it kinda taste like bread drenched in egg =/ =)

  5. The parisiene was good despite i requested for poached eggs instead of sunny side up. Give it a try if u looking for something different from big breakfast etc. :D

  6. went there last sunday after i read your blog....LIKE !

  7. Hey what camera do you use? Great photography!

  8. Oh a lumix! Saw it!

  9. Unpleasant Eating Experience
    Parking is horrendous on weekdays!
    Bad Customer Service: Rigid not accommodating - not allowed to occupy bigger table even it is the only decent comfortable table for eating left; not allowed to add 1 more seat on the 2 seats table and even The WORST not allowed to shift table to the vacated table after food is ordered!


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