Dec 31, 2013

Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC) @ Jalan Binjai Troika KL

I've been suffering from one of the longest diarrhoea streak - Ever. Literally causing me to lose my appetite, forego my taste buds, suffer from acute bloating, dehydration, and not to mention, frequent visits to the loo. Merely thinking about it gives me the shivers and makes me feel awfully dreadful.

Apologies for the diarrhoea-ramblings, definitely not the wisest move right before a food post. Recovery has been prolonged, but I'm glad I'm on my way to a better and post-detox-me now.

Acme Bar and Coffee

Giving me a new lease in life - I meant, my newly revived taste buds a new sense of mouth-watering joy, at Acme Bar & Coffee, on that lovely Saturday afternoon.

I was feeling pleasantly chirpy that day.

Much have been said about this place - on the infamous sizzling chocolate brownie, the delectable breakfast selections and also, the skyline backdrop of Twin Towers.

It was nice - to dine amongst the rustic and industrial-interior of ABC, and amidst the cheery Christmas decoration. These things definitely have a special ability to make me feel jolly.

But - it was so hot. From where I was seated, upstairs, it felt like I was baking in a sauna-room throughout my meal. The poor waiter was constantly wiping-off sweat from his forehead and looked like he was on the verge of passing out really soon.

It was after all, mid-day. Where the sun shone mercilessly at the exposed window sill, trapping heat indoors. With no proper air ventilation, it felt really stuffy.

Best time to visit? Possibly slightly before mid-noon or in the evenings.

It took awhile for our order to arrive - both drinks and food. Awhile I meant a good 30 minutes or more.

A Jar of Detox (Rm17). Honey & Lime Shaken. Latte (Rm15).

Chunky Mushroom Soup. Rm23.

My first taste of mushroom soup with rice wine!

Lightly gingered, chunky mushroom soup with rice wine, morels (a type of mushroom) and man tau pau croutons. This was delicious - it was rich, flavourful and definitely worthy of a re-order.

Acme Breakfast Club. Rm33. 

I had my Acme Breakfast with - two large slices of lightly toasted sourdough bread, two poached organic eggs, homemade salted beef, sautéed mushrooms and two servings of hash brown. How wholesome can a breakfast meal get?

The Rockstar of the dish would have to be the perfectly sautéed mushrooms and lashes of salted beef. I still prefer the Nutmeg version no less. The hash brown had more crust than potato crisp - dangerously addictive but I had difficulties picking it up with my fork.

 Roast Lamb Rack. Rm65.

Glistening in savoury lamb jus, the oven roasted lamb with dukkah spice, cherry tomatoes on vine and potato au gratin was Lamb-tastic.

Like I said, the lamb was fantastic - the light crackle of the toasted nuts and seeds, pleasantly succulent and flavourful meat, and the divine textures of the potato au gratin. At 65 bucks, I sure hope that this is worth every penny.

Sizzling Brownie and Oreo Ice Cream. Rm19.

The most talk-about dessert at Acme - chocolate brownie and Oreo ice cream in sizzling chocolate sauce!

True to it's claims - this was a divine treat. The brownie was crusty on top, but moist and sweet in the middle. The chocolate sauce dries up really quickly though, so dig right in and scoop up those chewy bits as quickly as possible!

The 'Other' Pavlova. Rm19. 

An impressively decadent pavlova, topped with a glob of cream, an abundance of mixed nuts and a swirl of caramel.

I tap the pavlova gently, breaking it's crust, revealing a hollow centre. But when I saw the oozing chocolate filling, I grinned widely. Now - that's a sweet surprise! It could get a little sweet towards the end, but desserts like these are meant to be shared right?

For Acme's Festive menu, Click Here.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10. I had a great recovery-meal at Acme that day. Though many of my friends assumed the opposite, with most giving negative feedbacks. Nevertheless, I would have thought vis-à-vis. The dishes I had that day was quite good - the big breakfast was nice, the lamb rack was great and the desserts amazing. They could've been a bit more speedy on the serving, and the air ventilation upstairs is in dire need of a fix also. UV glass films or some sophisticated looking blinds perhaps?

ABC is located at:
The Troika, Jalan Binjai, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
03-2162 2288
Mon-Thurs 11am-12am
Sat 9.30am-1am
Sun 9.30am-1am


  1. OMG, babe. I was there recently too. Hahaha

  2. I visited this place a few months ago, the food was just so so but the desserts were great!


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