May 5, 2015

Top 5 New Dessert Places @ Damansara Uptown PJ

Ice cream parlors are booming - I think its one of those trendy-food of late. Gone were the days when Baskin Robins used to be called a luxurious treat. Now? It's all about those gourmet and artisan fancies. Like it or not, premium ice creams are the new norm.

Influenced by the hype, I recently tried out some of the newest ice cream parlors to hit Damansara Uptown. Here are my short verdicts. Let's start with latest to hit town - Every Sundae.

1. Every Sundae by Cielo Dolci

"Soft serve is sold out", the staff informed me the moment I stepped through the doors. Oh was I disappointed - I was really looking forward to some gelato and soft serve today. There were only 5 gelato flavors left on display and we picked 2 to share.

We had the Giant Choux, Coconut & Gula Melaka Gelato with Cheesecake Crumbs (Rm13) and Giant Cookie, Lemon Yogurt Gelato with Strawberry Meringue (Rm13.50). Both were equally divine. I really enjoyed the giant choux and giant cookie base. Ice cream flavors however - I think I'll come back for the soft serve variants.

In the meantime, operating hours are still not fix (they close at 6pm for now). There is also a 20% opening promo ongoing. Read my previous write up on Whimsical Galateria at Publika Here.

Verdict: Plenty of interesting flavors and I get to mix and match here! 

Address: No 9, SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya.
Location: Right next to Village Park Nasi Lemak and same row as Ecole P.
Phone03-7733 5683
Opening Hours: 12pm - 11pm Daily. Closes at 6pm for now.

Updated Sept'15: Couldn't resist the soft serve temptation, hence the revisit. 

The vanilla ice cream weren't exactly the best I've had. It didn't have that creamy and milky texture that I really liked, I figured Softsrve (below) does better. Having said that, what won my heart was probably the variety of add-ons. Cotton candy cloud, who can resist? Prices range from Rm10-Rm20, depending on the add-ons. 

2. Softsrve

To be honest, apart from the squeals of how pretty it looks, I've not heard a lot of good things about the ice cream here, versus the epic Mcdonalds version or so it seemed. They say, its just plain over-hyped. With expectations kept at a bare minimum, I stepped into a packed room at Softsrve that evening and ordered one of their best sellers, Breakfast (Rm11).

My cup of soft serve came with two halves of a strawberry and caramelised cereal stuck to the sides. But what made it stood out was probably the flurrying dried ice from beneath - serve no purpose but nice visual touch I'd say. I have to go against the masses now, I thought it was quite a delectable treat. It was not too sweet, smooth texture and the gourmet cereal mix had hints of sweet and saltiness to it that I really liked.

Verdict: I don't know about the rest of the variants but what I had was actually quite good. 

Address: No 31, SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya.
Location: Same row as Wondermilk, The Good Batch, Frisson Cafe, Fat Spoon Cafe.
Opening Hours: 2pm - 11pm Daily. Closed Monday.

3. Sangkaya

Coconut ice cream definitely feels much closer to our Malaysian taste buds - it's Thai really but close enough. Contrary to the former, all I heard about Sangkaya @ Uptown 7 was just great things. They claimed its unlike any other!

Leveling up to my expectations, the Signature Sangkaya (Rm10.50) that I had was fan-ta-bu-lous. You'd get three mini scoops of coconut ice cream with shreds of fresh coconut at the bottom and unlimited refills of 6 types of toppings. Everything from its texture to taste were perfectly balanced. Young kids to the older folks - this is the type of ice cream that everyone would enjoy. That said, I wasn't a huge fan of its beach-like inspired interior.

Verdict: Fan-ta-bu-lous! But after awhile it gets well - boring.  

Address: No.80, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/39, 47400 Damansara Utama Petaling Jaya.
Location: Occupying half a shop lot, the same row as Starbucks and Fish Castle
Phone: 012-283 0249

4. Bingsu Cafe

I'm really glad that the Korean dessert wave finally paved its way to this part of town. Yes, of course I'm biased, Korean food is one of my favorite cuisine of all time! It started with Caffe Bene, then Dal.Komm and now Bingsu Cafe. There're a few others along the way but less commercialized obviously.

I ordered the Mango Cheese Bingsu (Rm16.90) as well as the Injeolmi Red Bean Toast (Rm8.90) to share. The bingsu was heavenly - arranged neatly with slices of caramelised mangoes and chunks of cheesecake on top. But what I found interesting and contrasting, the texture of the shaved ice felt much more flakier compared to the rest, literally like snow flakes. The toast on the other hand was just far too sweet for my liking.

Verdict: The bingsu was worth trying but not the toast.

Address: 28 Jalan SS21/35 Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya.
Location: Same row as POKC, Ratha Raub, Rekindle and Epicuro.
Phone: +603 77 333 086
Opening Hours: 12pm - 12am Daily.

5. dal.komm

The other prominent bingsu hot spot located in the heart of Damansara Uptown is dal.komm. At first glance I thought - really impressive architecture for a bingsu and dessert place. They say, this is on par with Korean standards or so it seemed. Okay.

I settled for their signature Grapefruit Bingsu (Rm12.90) and the Apple Crumble Bingsu (Rm15.90), a favorite among the crowd. The grapefruit bingsu is the type of dessert that you'd die for on a scorching day. It was refreshing and more sour than sweet. The apple crumble version on the other hand was sweet and had nice crumbly biscuits on top. Though shaved ice wise, I have to say that Bingsu Cafe win hands down.

Read the Full Review Here.

Verdict: Didn't enjoy the shaved ice texture but carries a better selection compared to Bingsu Cafe.

Address: No.61, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya.
Location: Further down but same row as HSBC Bank, Xiao Lao Wang Hot Pot, Umai-Ya and Lammeeya.
Opening Hours: Mon-Thur: 8am-11pm, Fri: 8am-1am, Sat: 10pm-1am, Sun: 10pm-11pm.

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