Jul 22, 2013

Fat Spoon Cafe @ Damansara Uptown

On this lovely Saturday evening, I found myself circling Damansara Uptown in search of somewhere to have dinner.

My gut feeling was urging me to go for a sinful dose of burgers and fries but was somehow drawn to Fat Spoon instead - oddly as it may sound.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my big Western fry-ups, but liked the thought of having a good dose of Malaysian this time round.

Fat Spoon Café

I've drove pass Fat Spoon Café numerous times, whenever I dropped by Uptown for my monthly massage that is, but never gotten around to visiting over all these years.

With a name like Fat Spoon, I really didn't know what food to expect - it could be anything, really. Asian, Western, Mexican, French, Italian, Japanese?

I was brought back in time once I walked through the antique doors, paying tribute to history whilst adding a twist to the experience - recycled plywood, wooden stools, rattan sofas, antique Singer machines cleverly converted into dining tables.

Now, since there isn't a biography page of the restaurant that I can refer to, here goes my analysis of the food based on it's menu.

Fat Spoon Café cooks up a storm of authentically-Malaysian come Kopitiam-influenced cuisine, with a contemporary twist. An amalgamation of Grandma's recipes with some really cool stuff like Fat Salmon Sandwich and Red Velvet cake - how clever!

So, how'd you like that definition? Was I close enough to the original?

 Dry Spicy Beef Macaroni. Rm11.90.

I couldn't help ogling at this big bowl of macaroni, tossed with spicy minced beef and topped with a sprinkle of coriander, I love this. The beef gave an extra spicy twang to the dish but nothing deterred me from gobbling it all up, with tissues in hand that is. It was a delicious yet simple dish.

Wohoo~ Chubby Cheeks in action. #sososolameme

Fat Spoon Noodles. Rm9.90.

My friend thought Fat Spoon noodles had a great resemblance to the traditional hor fun - I markedly noticed. I savored a couple of spoonfuls and it did taste very similar. Nothing exceptional but I thought the sweetness of the soup did made the dish an appetizing treat.

Crispy Spring Rolls. Rm5.90.

An effortless dish of crackling spring roll skin wrapped with carrots and white radish then deep fried. Come to think of it, I wouldn't order this if I weren't craving for spring rolls at that point in time.

The Last Polka Gula Melaka Ice Cream. Rm7.20.

Gula Melaka ice cream - now, that's something new.

The Last Polka is not an unfamiliar home-grown brand to me, serving natural homemade French style ice cream mostly at independent cafes around town - The Bee, Artisan Roast and Ril's Steakhouse to just name a few.

This was delectably sinful and yes - tasted exactly like Gula Melaka with bits of brown sugar traces left behind - a perfect dessert treat.

Cempedak Spring Rolls with Ice Cream. Rm9.90.

It only took one bite - we peered up from our plates, grinned widely, then gave each other a nod of approval before silently polishing off the remaining's of the cempedak spring roll - it was that good! My friend thought that it was one of the best in town.

Iced Cincau (Rm3.90). Barley (Rm 3.90).

To note, Cakes are a must try in Fat Spoon, though I acted on the contrary simply because I couldn't stomach in anymore after all that. Thick slices of moist and beautiful Homemade chocolate and red velvet cake calls for another trip here.

Overall Rating: 7/10. Fat Spoon serves up a good dose of Malaysian food - café style. I would definitely return for more. 

Fat Spoon Café is located at:
73, Jalan SS21/1A Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya
7728 3323
Opening Hours: Weekdays (11.30-3pm/ 6-10pm) Weekends (11.30-10pm) Closed Mondays

Same row as TM, Wondermilk and facing the residential houses.


  1. Thanks! I would definitely go there for the cempedak goreng with ice cream! yums!

    just to add : it's
    Fat Spoon Café cooks up a storm of authentically-Malaysian CUM Kopitiam-influenced cuisine, with a contemporary twist. :)
    -your lovely colleague

  2. Wah correct my english ah? LOL. Thanks lovely colleague. lol.

  3. I love your cheeks! They are so adorable! You are adorable. You should add some pictures of someone squeezing/ squishing them.


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