Apr 23, 2023

A Nasi Lemak Rendang & Kopitiam Treat At Rendang House, SS15 Subang Jaya.

SS15, a food heaven, though a rather unfamiliar food territory of mine. Last weekend however, I made a trip to the newly opened Rendang House, located within the bustling SS15 square, to savour their much talked about Nasi Lemak Rendang.

rendang house ss15 subang jaya

With a modern exterior that looked very much like a cafe, you wouldn't miss the restaurant. It's located along the same stretch as Mcdonalds.

rendang house ss15 subang jaya
rendang house ss15 subang jaya

A clean, straightforward, Kopitiam setup.

rendang house ss15 subang jaya

The menu here is very simple and affordable, dashing out traditional Malaysian kopitiam dishes. You can find their full menu on Instagram Here. Today, I will be highlighting some of their signature and best selling dishes.

It is also worthy to note that portions here are huge - I'm not talking only about the rice; I'm talking about the meats, and at a exceedingly affordable price point for the quality and quantity served. Most dishes are priced at a little less than RM15.00.

Rendang House is also pork-free, and there're also vegetarian options available.

rendang house ss15 subang jaya

What I typically look for in a good serving of nasi lemak is the sambal, rice fragrant and the add-ons. Well, to be honest, that pretty much sums up the entire dish right? Anyhow.

Like the name suggests, Rendang House is popular for not only their nasi lemak but also their rendang. For my main dish, I had the signature Nasi Lemak Rendang (RM13.90), which came generously loaded with nasi, chicken rendang and condiments. The rendang was delicious, not too spicy, which I prefer.

To be honest, the rendang tasted a tad more home-cooked compared to some others that I've tasted, which also meant that it didn't leave me thirsty. Great. Apart from the chicken rendang, there's also beef and seafood options in the menu.

rendang house ss15 subang jaya review

Let me also talk a bit about about the sambal here. There're 3 sambal options - spicy, less spicy and vegetarian. Bewarn though, the spicy version adds a fiery kick to everything. Free refills of sambal, including the ikan bilis and kacang. Oder at your own pace.

rendang house ss15 subang jaya

The Bihun Siam with Lemongrass Fried Chicken (RM11.90) came with four crunchy chunks of tender chicken meat. Best eaten with the sambal at the side.

rendang house ss15 subang jaya

By the time I got to the Ayam Masak Merah (RM8.50), I was clearly stuffed with one too many chicken dishes already. I enjoyed this, though I'd still very much prefer their signature rendang.

rendang house ss15 subang jaya

Now on to the kopitiam snacks. The Crunchy Cucur Udang (RM6/3pcs) came nicely crisp, but I was silently hoping for a bit more seasoning to it. The Yam Prawn Popcorn (RM7.90) was a snack that I was excited to try. For me, it resembled a bite sized version of a cucur udang.

rendang house ss15 subang jaya

My favorite snack of the afternoon would be this Banana Puff (RM3.90). A sweet dessert puff filled with smashed banana. It was good. One wasn't enough. Must have!

rendang house ss15 subang jaya

The quintessential kopitiam drinks and toasts are also available on the menu. This is the Toast with Kaya & Butter (RM3.50), Soft Boiled Kampung Eggs (RM3.50), Signature White Kopi (RM4.00) and Honey Lemon (RM4.00).

rendang house ss15 subang jaya

I was obviously stuffed by the time I was done. There were literally zero capacity left for desserts (I was so glad I had the banana puff though!).

What I can pretty much sum up about my dining experience here - affordable price point for the quality and quantity of food served, familiar kopitiam eats, decent menu options to cater to everyone, even vegetarians.

If you're looking for a good and affordable nasi lemak and kopitiam spot within the vincinity of Subang Jaya, Rendang House would be a good pick. Thanks for reading guys!

Rendang House is located at :

Address : 24, SS15/4D, 47500 Subang Jaya Selangor.

Phone : 016-5360140

Opening Hours : 8am-9pm Daily. Closed Tuesday.


  1. That is a lot of food, and I want that rendang + roti!


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