Aug 22, 2022

RM288++ Wagyu Buffet At The Wagyu Restaurant KL.

I'm a small-eater, so buffets aren't really value-for-money to me so to speak, but I felt like I ate my money's worth at The Wagyu Restaurant KL

wagyu buffet at the wagyu japanese restaurant kl

That evening, I deliberately had a light lunch knowing that I will be feasting here later for dinner - and what more on wagyu. Being the carnivorous me, I was very excited and also - very hungry.

The Wagyu Restaurant KL is a casual, no frills restaurant, so there's really no need to dress up. Come in comfortable clothing, and eat as much as you can. Ample parking spaces available right in front of the restaurant. You're at the right place if you see The 19th Suzuki Hanten signboard outside.

wagyu buffet at the wagyu japanese restaurant kl
wagyu buffet at the wagyu japanese restaurant kl
wagyu buffet at the wagyu japanese restaurant kl

The Wagyu Tabehoudai (aka buffet) that I had at The Wagyu Restaurant KL is an a la carte buffet, so you'd get to pick whatever you want from their designated buffet menu, order to serve. 

Like the name suggests, the highlight of this buffet is it's imported A5 Wagyu from Japan, you'd also get to choose from good selection of other a la carte dishes - sukiyaki, sushi, appetizers, salads, soups, desserts, that carries a combination of Japanese-Korean-Chinese dishes. The buffet menu is quite large if you'd ask me.

There's also an a la carte menu if you're not keen on the buffet.

Wagyu Tabehoudai

Price : RM288.00++/person (Adult) 
RM144.00++ (Kids) RM258.00++ (Senior Citizens)

Some Groud Rules

Time Limit : 100 minutes (anytime between 6pm - 10pm)
- Although this is a buffet, you can only order each dish on the buffet menu ONCE.
- The wagyu beef parts will be selected by the chef.
- No leftovers please. Don't waste food.
- If you come in a table of 4, all 4 must order the buffet - no split split.

The Wagyu Restaurant KL Menu & Prices Here

the wagyu restaurant kl menu and prices

My Japanese A5 Wagyu Platter came recommended and assmebled by the chef, and was the first to arrive, consisting of 5 different cuts of meat - A5 wagyu kalbi, A5 wagyu zabuton chuck flap, A5 wagyu outside knuckle & inside skirt & sirloin.

Good enough to be shared between two. There were plenty to go around for me and my friend. 

wagyu buffet at the wagyu japanese restaurant kl

Apart from just the wagyu, we also had a serving each of the Beef Tongue, Korean Kimchi Stew, Wagyu Beef Tartare and Wagyu Grill Sushi.

The Korean Kimchi Stew was a surprising favorite for me - great seafood flavors intensified from the use of dried shrimp, sweet-sour-spicy, this was very appetizing indeed.

wagyu buffet at the wagyu japanese restaurant kl

The Mapo Tofu is also an apparent favorite here, a traditional Chinese dish cooked by a Japanese chef. 

wagyu buffet at the wagyu japanese restaurant kl

I know I'm being a bum, but I've never really enjoyed cooking-my-own. Furthermore, I'm not the most skillful when it comes to grilling. More often than not, there's a technique-to-grill, especially when it comes to expensive cuts of meat - you really shouldn't overcook or undercook.

So this is me, playing masak-masak, trial and error.

Having said that, I think I did a pretty good job in grilling (or rather my friend did). The A5 quality meats were rich, fatty and delicious. I particularly enjoyed the A5 wagyu zabuton chuck flap cut- so so good! Melt in the mouth textures, they say.

wagyu buffet at the wagyu japanese restaurant kl

Overall Rating : 7/10.

This wagyu buffet is definitely worth the penny - only if you can eat a lot. Come in comfortable clothing, then stuff yourself full. Again, I have to reiterate that you can only order each dish on the buffet menu once, so if you have a favorite, too bad. That said, the wagyu meat selection, as well as the other dishes available on the buffet menu is is essentially quite large, so there's plenty to keep your tummy capacity in check.

The Wagyu Restaurant is located at :

Address : The 19th Suzuki Hanten, 20, Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, Kampung Baru, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone : 03-2161 6699

Opening Hours : 12pm - 3pm (Lunch) /  6pm - 10pm (Dinner). Open Daily. Closed Mondays.

the wagyu restaurant in kl


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