Mar 24, 2022

My Favorite Japanese Ice Cream, Matcha Eight, Is Now Open At Lalaport KL.

Matcha Eight Lalaport KL review

I was first introduced to this brand slightly over a year back. At that time, I got to taste-test and learn about the science behind their Japanese tea ice cream range. Fast forward 6 months later, Matcha Eight was born and subsequently made available for purchase online, on their official website - Matcha Eight | Life Isn't that That Bitter.

I felt that I grew with the brand. 

From online to physical presence - when Matcha Eight opened their first official outlet, at Lalaport Shopping Mall, I was obviously very excited to visit. It felt like it has been a long while. 

So here I am - on a lovely yet scorching Friday afternoon, reliving the ice cream goodness.

Matcha Eight Lalaport KL review

Matcha Eight's artisanal, premium and 100% natural Japanese tea ice cream range was developed by Michelin-starred Master Chef Takuji Takahashi from Kyoto, Japan.

No additives and preservatives. This is as authentic and legit as it gets.

Matcha Eight Lalaport KL review
Matcha Eight Lalaport KL review

Matcha Eight is also the first brand in Malaysia that offers distinctive sencha, matcha and hojicha tea ice cream flavors.

There're 8 flavors available in-store (hence the name, Matcha Eight), ranging from varying richness - light-to-medium; bitter-to-sweet tastes. 2 sencha - 4 matcha - 2 houjicha flavors. Price varies according to flavor, from RM13.00 - RM16.00 per scoop.

Lovesick Girl (light sencha)
Soulmate (medium sencha)
Maybe It's Love (light matcha)
Matcha Me Tonight (medium matcha)
Hocus Matcha-cus (strong matcha, bitter aftertaste)
Melodrama Queen (strong matcha, tea aftertaste)
Hojilicious (light roasted sencha)
Ho Ho Hoji (strong roasted sencha)

The naming conventions are cute.

Matcha Eight Lalaport KL review

Don't know which one to choose? Fret not, the flavor profiles will be explained to you by their friendly staff at the counter. You'd also get to taste-test 4 flavors before ordering.

My personal preference leaned towards matcha flavor, although I reckoned the crowd favorites would probably be the 2. Soulmate, 4. Matcha Me Tonight and 7. Hojilicious. However, don't take my word for it without sampling for yourself.

Matcha Eight Lalaport KL review

Have it in a Cone or Cup. The pricing mechanics could get a bit confusing here, but essentially the more you have the cheaper it gets.

I had 1 scoop of Matcha Me Tonight (RM14.00/scoop) in a Cone (+RM2.00). Get 2 scoops of ice cream in a cone, and the cone is free.


For me, the ice cream here has perfect consistency - smooth and creamy, with flavor profiles that screams exquisite and delectable. After learning that the entire range is made with the finest single-origin tea powder imported from Wazuka Town, Kyoto, I understood that you really get what you pay for with these ice creams.  

Matcha Eight Lalaport KL review

I also ordered 1 scoop of Ho Ho Hoji (RM16.00) in a cup, with Mochi (+RM2.00) and Red bean paste (+RM2.00). Get 2 scoops at a RM2.00 discount and 3 scoops at a RM4.00 discount. 

There's also Gold flakes (+RM5.00) as a topping in the menu - if you're feeling bougie like that.

Matcha Eight Lalaport KL review

After ordering, I hopped out to enjoy my ice cream.

There's no seating area inside the store, but there're ample standing tables and stools outside. It's al fresco style so it could get a bit warm, the idea is to not linger around for too long. 

Matcha Eight Lalaport KL review

Didn't know ice cream can make me so happy.

Matcha Eight Lalaport KL review

Despite being a weekday and knowing that Lalaport is very new - the patrons were surprisingly continuous. I was also told that there's a queue on weekends and they sell-out fast. 

Tip - come early. Drop by Matcha Eight while you're at Lalaport for a frozen treat.

On that note, I can also vouch and say that Matcha Eight could possibly be the best Japanese tea ice cream place in the Klang Valley, for now. High on my eat list for sure.


Official Store

Matcha Eight, Lalaport BBCC
Address G-68, LaLaport BBCC
Opening Hours : 10am - 10pm Daily.

Official Website

Online availability is very limited. Only in 400ml tubs, with price ranging from RM38.00-RM47.00 each. 
Available for pickup or delivery.




  1. I shall go to lalaport one of these days!

  2. Tried it last weekend, nice. Thanks for your recommendation


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