Nov 13, 2021

RM390 for 7 Cuts Of Japanese Wagyu At Yakiniku Great Kuala Lumpur @ The Republik. Was It Worth It?

This was a meal that I was seriously looking forward to, for months. Was it worth it however?

Yakiniku Great Kuala Lumpur At The Republik Food Review

For those who are not familiar with the Yakiniku Great franchise, it is one of the top Japanese Yakiniku Restaurants from Japan, with a specialty of A5 Grade Japanese Black Wagyu, the highest grade and finest cut in the world of wagyu.  

Yakiniku Great Kuala Lumpur At The Republik Food Review

Located within The Republik, Bukit Damansara, the restaurant's capacity is largely limited, hence prior reservations are absolutely essential, and they only open during dinner time. I made my reservation here, one month in advance.

However, making reservation arrangements weren't exactly smooth sailing for me. Long story cut short : There were multiple whatsapp messages, calls and SMSes with the restaurant and yet they got the booking arrangements wrong. I was just very surprised at how disconnected everything became.

Nevertheless, we still managed to dine-in, had one of the best wagyu experiences ever, with loads of laughter in between. 

Yakiniku Great Kuala Lumpur Menu And Prices

My recommendation is to go for the Omakase as the a la carte pricing weren't exactly attractive on it's own. I also read from an online portal that the meats here are all halal-certified.

There were 3 options for the Omakase, each comes with 7 cuts of premium Japanese wagyu, on a price range of between RM290 - RM490, differentiated by the combination of cuts that came with each course. 

We all picked the Omakase Matsu (RM390), also the most popular one in their menu.

Yakiniku Great Kuala Lumpur Menu And Prices

We also ordered a serving of Salad and Grilled Scallops, alongside of bottle of Umeshu for the evening.

Yakiniku Great Kuala Lumpur Menu And Prices

There was really no need for us to do anything throughout the meal, apart from just eat.

The meats were served and grilled right before our eyes by the staff. One cut at at time, with 5-10 minutes interval in between

7 bite-sized portions of Japanese Wagyu may seemed like one too little for most people, but the fat laden meat was rich and mesmerizing in every mouthful.

Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku Restaurant In KL & PJ
Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku Restaurant In KL & PJ
Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku Restaurant In KL & PJ

My favorite cuts of the evening would have to be the Kimura Yaki with Egg Sauce and the Misuji with Tare. Those brought me to another realm. It was unlike any wagyu I've ever tasted. Melt-in-the-mouth was an understatement.

Best Japanese Wagyu In Malaysia

So was it worth it? 

Many have told that Yakiniku Great is over-hyped, over-priced, and I can seriously relate. For me, my dinner felt more like an experience rather than a meal, perhaps that was the point. Each cut and mouthful was a melt-in-the-mouth experience, so as so one of the best I've tasted to date. However this could possibly be a once-off dining experience or a splurge left for special ocassions, purely because of it's price point. 

The meal came up to around RM2,500 for 6 pax. 

Yakiniku Great Kuala Lumpur is located at :
Address : G-02-01, Republik, Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Wilayah Persekutuan, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Phone : 03-2098 6666 / 60 19-878 8303
Opening Hours : 6pm - 11pm. Closed Monday.


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