Nov 10, 2021

Product Review : Ruu HydraGlow French Daisy Soothing Silk Mask

Raise your hand if you have been struggling with poor skin condition this lockdown. That's me. Thankfully however, I found my secret savior - Rūu.

Rūu HydraGlow French Daisy Soothing Silk Mask

I would have thought that not wearing makeup, staying at home more and being less exposed to the sun and dust, would give me better skin. But it did nothing. In fact I felt that it made my skin even more sensitive. Plus, the need to wear a mask whenever I'm out made things worse.

I have really sensitive skin that gets irritated and inflammed very easily, so I'm extremely careful of the skincare products I use nowadays.

Rūu ticked off everything that I was looking for in a facial sheet mask.


Rūu HydraGlow French Daisy Soothing Silk Mask (RM49.90/box)

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Rūu HydraGlow French Daisy Soothing Silk Mask


Rūu was founded with a genuine purpose and passion, to bring back self confidence, naturally. All of Rūu's products are formulated using gentle yet effective, naturally derived ingredients, with you in mind. 

For the time being, Rūu only carries one product within their skincare range, the HydraGlow French Daisy Soothing Silk Mask. The brand will be rolling out more skin and haircare products in the next couple of months.  

To be honest, all I could think of when I read Rūu's tagline, Relaxation Rituals for your Skin & Soul, was to pause, lie down, mask, relax, and just give myself a mini self care moment that I very well deserved. That, felt nice.

Rūu HydraGlow French Daisy Soothing Silk Mask


I was very happy to read that HydraGlow is made with skin-loving natural ingredients and plant extracts, that is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin like mine. 

The formulation is infused with a signature balance of classic blue daisy, organic aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, a combination of vitamin B5 and C, and a hint of orange essential oil.

Nowadays I prefer using natural skincare products instead of very rich and chemically concentrated ones. The chances of a skin sensitivity occuring is less, and its also for the long run.

Rūu HydraGlow French Daisy Soothing Silk Mask


It's not very common for me to find silk sheet masks in the market since most masks are made with cotton instead, simply because it's more expensive to produce. On my skin, the material felt very comfortable and fitting of the mask is good as well.


Basically I want the mask to do everything. 

I have always been using different masks for different functionality, one for brightening; one for soothing; one for hydrating; the list goes on. 

HydraGlow however carries 5-in-1 function - soothing as it's main functionality, hydrating, moisturizing, brightening and repairing.

Rūu HydraGlow French Daisy Soothing Silk Mask


Reiterating from above, I have sensitive skin so I'm very careful of the skincare products I use, so I developed a habit of taking note of the ingredients list and avoiding products that contains alcohol, fragrance, parabens, artificial chemicals or any harsh chemicals.

Honestly, it felt safer.

For the first time ever, I was comfortable leaving the essence on my face overnight without washing it off after masking. Though like most serums and essences the texture could feel a tad sticky on the skin, I was fine with that, and my skin looked great when I woke up the next morning.


Rūu HydraGlow French Daisy Soothing Silk Mask


At RM49.90 for a box of 5 sheet mask, it's very affordable. For it's quality being offered, I have seen prices double that in the market, for the same or even lesser of it's function. I can almost guarantee that this is a bargain.

Rūu HydraGlow French Daisy Soothing Silk Mask can be purchase from Shopee Here :

 Buy From Shopee (Free Shipping)

Rūu HydraGlow French Daisy Soothing Silk Mask


It's not very common for me to find a super ingredient like blue daisy in the market. Like honestly what does this skin ingredient even do?

The blue daisy used in the HydraGlow formulation is a super skin ingredient that is imported from France, made especially for sensitive skin. This naturally derived ingredient carries anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which are fantastic for soothing and healing the skin.


This may be a trend or even a myth, but I personally prefer organic ingredients over synthetic ones, simply because it's just safer.


I love that the product is free of fragrance but was formulated with a light hint of orange essential oil as a natural scent

I'm sure that everyone knows that essential oil carries a plethora of skincare benefits as well. Not only does it calms the senses but of all things, also carries anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Rūu HydraGlow French Daisy Soothing Silk Mask


First and foremost, the product did not cause any break-outs, which is a big plus.

After using the mask, the immediate effect that I noticed was an instant glow, reduced in facial redness, and my skin felt much more hydrated and moisturised.

I have been using the mask for the past month now, every 3-4 days, and it does feel great on my skin, bringing back self confidence, naturally.

Masking is, afterall, a Relaxation Ritual for my Skin & Soul. Try it for yourself!


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