Aug 11, 2020

Product Review : Hanna & Kent's 90 Second Lazy Mask

I have to be upfront here. I LOVE Masks. It gives me an unspoken happy factor that constantly tells me to buy more-buy more. It's an addiction I guess. I wanted to try everything ; every single mask in the market. So I when I found out about the 90 second lazy mask, of course I jumped on the bandwagon.

Hanna & Kent's 90 second lazy mask is all about being fun, fresh and trendy.


• Available in two types - Silky Sunshine Lazy Mask (morning) & Midnight Charcoal Lazy Mask (night)
• Priced at RM58.00 for 30 sheets in a resealable pack, or RM116.00 for a twin-pack, the masks can be purchased through,

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On a side note, I have extremely sensitive skin, so I'm very wary about what I put on my face. Hanna & Kent's lazy mask is made from Botanical Extract, safe for everyday use - Paraben Free, Alcohol Free and Lyral Free. The product did not give me any skin irritations. However do take note that there is Fragrance used in both the mask.

Let's go a bit deeper now.


10-in-1 Benefits
Reinforces skin's natural barrier | Promotes collagen formation | Reduces age spots | Promotes absorption | Reduces appearances of acne | Soothing | Anti-oxidant | Hydrating | Moisturizing | Anti-aging

Personally I find it quite difficult to instill a morning-mask routine, especially since everything seemed to move in a rush for me, for as long as I remember. Though with my current work from home arrangement, I really shouldn't slack. The 90 second morning lazy mask contains core ingredients like Propolis, Camu Camu, Avocado extract and Hyaluronic acid that is meant to keep the skin moist and fresh throughout the day. The morning mask gave my skin a touch moist, plump and dewy boost, which lasted throughout the day. It also had a cooling effect to it, that served as a wake-me-up. After rinse off, I went ahead with my usual moisturizer and sunscreen.  


10-in-1 Benefits
Whitening | Purifying | Retain moisture | Reduce wrinkles | Reduce appearances of uneven skin tone | Soothing | Anti-oxidant | Hydrating | Moisturizing | Anti-aging

If I were to pick one to try, I'd definitely prefer this one - the night mask, and it's in black! At a glance at the key ingredients, I noticed that there're a whole lot of anti-ageing and soothing actives being used, like Wild Thyme, Peach, Goji Berry extract, Charcoal and Hyaluronic acid, ingredients that are vital in restoring the skin after a tiring long day. Like the day mask, the night mask also had a soothing sensation and scent to it, I also felt that my skin was noticeable more moist and also a tad fairer after that - detoxified, if I may.


In conclusion, I enjoyed using the Hanna & Kent 90 second Lazy Mask simply because it's really meant for well, lazy people, like me, who just wants to get this essential masking step completed, minus the waiting time. Though with all honesty, I had it on longer than the recommended 90 seconds, perhaps a few long minutes or so. That aside, the mask clearly doesn't come drenched in as much serum and effects as the typical sheet mask, but good enough for the product to be absorbed into my skin within the short time frame. The results were surprising to me, knowing that I only had it on for a mere 90 seconds. Again, I have to reiterate that the masks contains fragrance, so for those who're super sensitive to fragrance, do take note - it did not cause any irritation to my skin however. I'd recommend using both masks continuously for at least 1 week to see skin improvements.


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