Jul 15, 2020

I Found My Favorite Healthy Food Restaurant At Element Fresh, Pavilion KL

I was exceedingly eager to visit the much acclaimed Element Fresh when the restaurant first opened it's doors, slightly over a month back.

Located at the busy stretch along Connection, Pavilion KL, Element Fresh is originally from Shanghai, but no - the restaurant does not serve Chinese food, but instead focuses on Western-styled, health-centric, pork-free dishes, made using only fresh ingredients.

The menu consists of a wide array of cleverly curated, healthy, fresh food options, something in which I thought is of-hype at the moment, plus, healthy eating is clearly here to stay. It is also worthy to note that portion is supersized here, so if you're in for a quick bite, sharing is the way to go.

And today, I will be trying some of their signature offerings. Can't wait!

Before that, you can also watch this experience on my YouTube channel below or on my IGTV Here.

I thought the warm fresh juices to be a great alternative for those wanting to have juice in the morning, but not have it iced. Kick-starting my meal with a huge and warm glass of Apple & Ginger (RM21.00) juice, alongside a large flask of Citrus Burst Hot Tea (RM23.00), a unique blend of Black tea, calamansi lime, orange, ginger, Korean pomelo jam, fresh mint, rosemary and hibiscus flower, which had hints of bitter-sour aftertaste.
One of the most popular and signature dish here, would be the Element Fresh Classic Cobb Salad with Beef Bacon (RM36.00). The dish came in the form of colorful strips of hearty portions of grilled chicken breast, cheddar cheese, avocado, tomato, hard-boiled egg, beef bacon and onion. At the side, thousand island dressing. Portion is good enough to be shared.
My personal favorite of them all - this Hawaiian Tuna Poke Salad (RM38.00). Unlike most classic Hawaiian-styled poke, this rendition came with huge cuts of fresh marinated tuna fillet, loads of Asian pear, which added a nice crunch to the bowl, kale, cucumber, wakame, grilled pepper, in a bowl of nori seasoned jasmine and brown rice. The dressing on the other hand, had spicy hints to it. If not for it's upmarket price, I'd take two of these.
The Steak & Seafood (RM80.00) is a good meat option if you're feeling ravenous. The grilled imported beef fillet was juicy and cooked to medium rare, paired with fresh and nicely flaked grilled salmon, served with lemongrass pilaf, grilled mixed vegetables and spicy peri peri sauce.
For non-meat eaters, the Portobello Mushroom and Red Pepper Sauce (RM38.00) would be a good pick. The perfectly done, grilled portobello mushroom was the highlight of this dish. My friend polished the entire plate up - hungry or what.
After all of that, I felt that The Egg Benedict (RM30.00) was easily forgettable, though it is a classic breakfast dish that can not go wrong. On a toasted whole wheat bread - hash brown that resembles a potato rosti, thick slice of smoked salmon, two poached eggs, drenched in homemade hollandaise sauce.
There weren't a lot of desserts to pick from, but I'd recommend the Homemade Rice Pudding (RM18.00). The dessert came in a glass filled with Jasmine rice steamed in milk with vanilla infused cream, topped with an addictive layer of salted caramel and dried cranberry sauce. Mind you, this dessert is meant to be shared, too rich to be eaten all on your own. The Cocoa-nut Creme Brulee (RM16.00) on the other hand, is Element Fresh's rendition of a chocolate and coconut creme brulee. 

Overall Rating: 8/10. 

If not for it's upmarket price, I'd give it a higher rating, and would still recommend Element Fresh as a go-to restaurant for a fresh, healthy, non-regrettable feast. My personal favorites would be the Warm Fresh Juice, Hawaiian Tuna Poke Salad, Element Fresh Classic Cobb Salad, Portobello Mushroom and Red Pepper Sauce, and Homemade Rice Pudding

Element Fresh Location & Information:

Address: Lot C3.03, Level 3, Pavilion KL, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, MY
Phone: (03) 2110 5661
Email: info@myelementfresh.com
Online Reservation: https://bit.ly/EFxSharonRTS
Element Fresh Website Menu & Prices: https://www.myelementfresh.com/


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