Nov 19, 2021

Starting Ruu.

Rūu HydraGlow French Daisy Soothing Silk Mask

After 24+ months of conceptual planning.
After 18+ months of discussions and disagreements with the suppliers.  
After 10+ rounds of relentless formulation testing.
After 50+ reiterations of branding and naming conventions.
After 100+ reiterations of artwork tweaking.
After 10+ years of working for the same company which I then - left. 

I started Rūu.

And this is my story.

I always believe that life is about trying and taking chances.

The one thing that I learned about this pandemic is that anything can happen at anytime, and there's no such thing as the perfect time. For me, the perfect time is created through a well thought out plan.

So I asked myself this. If something were to happen to me tomorrow, would I regret not trying? Trying something new; something that I've always wanted to do; something that has been lingering at the back of my mind for awhile now.

Yes, I would.

I want to go sky-diving. I want to try horseback riding. I want to go for that flying yoga class. I want to learn more about all the investment tools in the market. I want to travel and see new places.
And of all things, I wanted to establish my own personal care brand.

The hardest step for me was to materialize an idea into a concept; a concept into a paper; and a paper into actions.

People call this the starting point.

Let me throw in a scenario. Exercising is a painful and tough process, but the thought of wanting to exercise and actually getting up to exercise is even tougher (I can personally attest to this).

Operationalizing the strategy was hard.

The journey not only consisted of a pile of homework but also a sprinkle of courage.

This is afterall, an investment of hard-earned funds, time and effort from my end, and hence I will try my very best to make things work.

I don't know what I don't know. Yet.

Knowing that I only had myself to lean on - I was scared. Still am actually.

Is this okay? Is this enough? Is this correct?

While I was somewhat sure of my capabilities, I struggled in terms of product knowledge and unbiased support.

It was an everyday mental battle of what-ifs - what can be improved; what can be done better. To be very honest, I felt that I was overthinking at times even.

I knew that only through learning and knowing more, I will then be able to gain more confidence.

So, I asked for help.

I believe that in every single conversation I make, I learn something new. I listened.

Apart from reading and referencing, I learned a whole lot by just connecting and listening to the right people.


My group of friends - who tested, reviewed, validated and gave constructive feedback, from business strategy down to operational management.
My group of friends - who not only shared useful business acumens but also connected me with like-minded experts in the market.
My group of followers - who responded to the market surveys I posted online.

The list of champions go on. Thank you.

I asked for help, I'm still asking for help, till this very day. Every single conversation matters to me.

From there, I patched everything together. 

I played the role of CEO, CFO, COO, business analyst, pricing analyst, designer, marketer, procurement officer, branding strategist, social media strategist, packing lady, delivery lady, the list of to-do's goes on.

People also called me kuli

Working hard is so-1980s but working smart is 2021.

The birth of Rūu.

The brand was curated out of passion, stemming from an idea and concept that I believe would work well with the masses.

Taglined as Relaxation Rituals for the Skin & Soul, the brand aims to bring back self confidence, naturally.

Rūu HydraGlow French Daisy Soothing Silk Mask

As part of the new drop, Rūu will be carrying the first skincare product within it's line, the HydraGlow French Daisy Soothing Silk Mask, made with gentle yet effective skin-loving natural ingredients, that is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

You can read my product review Here :

You can also purchase the product from Shopee Malaysia Here :

Lastly, a big heartful and sincere thank you for all the support given along the way. Every single click means a lot to me.

Till then. Thank you so much for reading. nomu nomu gamsahaeyo.


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