Mar 19, 2020

My Aptos Thread Lifting Experience At M+ Clinic Subang

Two things that I have been looking at improving for quite awhile now - my undefined nose bridge, saggy cheeks and dehydrated skin, all of which can be achieved through the Aptos Thread Lifting.

My threading experience this time round was a tad different compared to the one I had in the past however. The brand new 3rd generation Aptos Thread with Hyaluronic Acid, is an improved formulation that not only enhance the face and body contours, but also provides benefits to the skin - the stimulation of collagen

Sounds like a win-win formulation for me.

The Aptos Threads itself aims to improve skin tone, texture, color and hydration. The Aptos Thread Lift Treatment on the other hand produces multiple results - lifting, revitalising and volumising.


• The Best Tightening Thread 3 years in a row
• Minimal invasive procedure : no incisions or sitches required
• Treatment time of about 30 minutes per area
• Minimal downtime of about 1 - 2 weeks
• Immediate visible results lasting for about 1.5 - 2 years
• Price range from RM3,000.00 - RM20,000.00




My treatment was performed by Dr. Lee Kim Siea, the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon at M+ Clinic and also a veteran the industry.

I was given a detailed and thorough explanation of the treatment, alongside my expectations of the outcome. I wanted to improve the appearance of my undefined nose bridge, slightly saggy cheeks and dehydrated skin, all of which can be achieved through the Aptos Thread Lift Treatment.

When it comes to the overall outcome of a thread lift (or any other aesthetic treatment for that matter), it dwells down to three things : the material used for the procedure; the skill of the doctor ; the patient's lifestyle and body.


I was then brought into the treatment room, where Dr. Lee examined the correction zones and then marked the fixation points for the thread insertion.


The treatment required local anaesthesia along the contour of the threads, ie. they would have to numb the incision and treatment areas prior to threading. This is probably the most painful part of the treatment for me, the rest of the treatment was completed at ease. 

There was a bit of bleeding when the needle was inserted, but nothing that would scare anyone away. 


Here comes the key part of the Aptos Thread Lifting treatment. The thread was inserted using a special cannula or needle, using the best technique recommended by Dr. Lee. 

For my saggy cheeks, I had 3 incisions made from each side of my hair line, lifting my cheeks. For the enhancement of my nose bridge on the other hand, the incision was made from the tip of nose. There was no pain when the thread was inserted.


After a good hour, my treatment was completed. I was given a two day antibiotic dose, alongside some painkillers, which I did not take.

I did, however, experience some swelling and redness on both sides of my cheeks, especially on my nose. There was also a bit of pain and soreness, that lasted for about 2 weeks. I was very careful not to put too much pressure on the treatment areas, which also meant that I couldn't laugh-out-loud, in case the threads break.

In addition to that, I also a had 1 dimple formation on my right cheek, ie. the area was lightly sunken for a few days. I also experienced a couple of facial knots on both sides of my cheeks, ie. I felt a couple of bumps from underneath my skin, which only went away after 2 weeks.

Recovery time is somewhat dependant on a person's body. I fully recovered after 3 weeks, optimum and best results can be seen after 2-3 weeks.

Here're are some of my before and after pictures - A more defined nose bridge and a more V-shape face.


• Remember to take the prescribed antibiotics or painkillers, if needed
• Refrain from wearing make-up for a minimum of 24 hours
• Sleep face-up, in an elevated position for 1 week
• Wash face, gently, without massaging or rubbing for 1 week
• Avoid sports and exercise for 2 weeks
• Avoid overexposure and direct sunlight for 2 weeks
• Avoid saunas for 3 weeks
• Avoid dental surgery for 3 weeks
• Avoid face and neck massages for 4 weeks



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