Sep 30, 2019

Hobee Pure Honey And Hot Sauce Malaysia

My first time trying hot honey sauce! Trying my best to live a healthier lifestyle nowadays.

Made with 100% all natural, pure honey sauce, Hobee is a wholesale and retail supplier. Hobee uses all natural, better-to-you condiment, with NO artificial flavors, colors and preservatives; and NO sugar and syrup additives. 


Address: 66, Jalan Sri Bahari, 10050, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Phone: +60166 4224 178
Facebook Page:

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| Valid till 31/12/2019 | Valid for one time purchase per user only |

Postage Rates : RM9.00 (WM) RM17.00 (EM). Free shipping for purchases of RM50.00 and above, OR 4 Bottles, in a single receipt.


• 100% Natural Honey 310g (RM14.50) • 
•  Hot Honey (Hot Spicy) 300g (RM15.40) • 
•  Hot Honey (Mild Spicy) 300gm (RM15.40) • 
•  Salted Honey 300gm (RM14.00) • 

I have to admit, that I'm not exactly the healthiest-eater, especially since I love trying new food. I'd ocassionally indulge in a sweet treat, sometimes more often than I should. But of late, I've been urging myself to make tiny adjustments to my daily eating habits, by reducing the intake of artificial sugars and sweeteners.

So when I received a honey parcel from Hobee, I was ecstatic. I like the taste of honey, but love the idea of having a healtheir option even more.

Hobee specializes in honey. 100% pure natural honey.

Not only that, there is also a spicy honey variation! Made with real chilies, the combo may sound adventurous, but let me tell you this, it goes very well with food, particularly meat. Do you know that honey is traditionally used as a remedy to neutralize spiciness?

Apart from that, there is also a salted honey variation, made using real salt, which I tried with so many different of food, but my favorite would still be with toast, or any type of bread for that matter.

Since then, I attempted to replace sugar with my new guilt-free-condiment Hobee honey sauce. In fact, I started experimenting with a couple of food combinations that I thought worked quite well together. I can't wait to share my #hobeerecipes!


Best paired with : 

| Tea | Toast | Pastries | Salad |


Best paired with :

| Caramelised Banana w Strawberries | French Toast | 


For someone like me who have limited tolerance for everything-spicy, Hobee's rendition of hot sauce is exceedingly mild, so you can literally have it with almost anything. It will not overpower.

Best paired with :

| Spicy Honey Glazed Roast Chicken | Bacon | Sausages |

Do you have any Hobee Honey recipe ideas that you want to share? Do drop me a note.


  1. Ahhh please tell me they also have honey mustard!

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