May 31, 2019

You Can Now Buy Wheelchairs Online With Vertex Mobility Singapore

It came as a surprise, and an obvious shock to me, when I found out that one of my close friend got into a minor injury while working out at the gym. It wasn't anything major, just a tiny fracture to the knee, which required loads of rest and recouping time. While mobility is an issue for the time being, I provided a bit of moral support in terms of researching for the best, if not the most affordable wheelchairs for sale, online.

One things for sure, I was looking for a purchase that granted convenience. The last thing on my friends mind would probably be physically shopping for a wheelchair. I mean, how?

Vertex Mobility Singapore provides a risk free, convenient online shopping experience, offering the same or next day delivery, with the lowest price guaranteed. If you change your mind, simply return it within 15 days, no questions asked. Plus, warranty goes up to 6 months. All without the hassle of going to a shop.

Now, that's what every patient needs.

It is also worthy to note that every purchase from Vertex Mobility forms a good deed. The brand is committed to giving back, with a donation made for every purchase you make, thus improving elderly lives, one wheelchair at a time.

Website navigation was simple and straightforward. In terms of wheelchair types, there are Light Weight, Heavy Duty, or Portable Travel Wheelchairs, to choose from.

The Vertex Signature Foldable Wheelchair would have to be one of their best sellers.

What impressed me the most is probably the price, alongside the functions it provides. Foldable, lightweight comfortable and affordable – what more can we ask for? Priced only at $119.90, this is possibly the cheapest wheelchair I have stumbled upon in Singapore, with others going from $200 onwards. After reading some positive reviews about the website, I think this may best suit my friend's needs. 

I shall now go back to my bed time reads, on how to choose the right wheelchair for my friend. Having zero knowledge on wheelchairs, the buying guide definitely helps. Vertex Mobility have served more than 5,000 customers since inception, I'm sure they know what's best suited for everyone's needs.

If you are looking for a high quality yet affordable wheelchair, you know where to get one now.

Contact Vertex Mobility at:

Phone : +65-90283046
Email :

Showroom Address:
1765, Geylang Bahru
Kallang Distripark Singapore 339701 (Contact for Appt)

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri: 10am – 7pm (Lunch: 1 – 2pm)
Sat: 11am – 5pm, Sun: 11am – 2pm


  1. Last time I had to actually borrow one from a stranger. This is great help

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  3. That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck.

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