Jun 1, 2019

A Taste Of Malaysian Nyonya Flavors At KakatooGo, Petaling Street KL

"What does Kakatoo mean?" I asked. "Oh, it's our refined version of cockatoo, or what most Malaysians know as burung kakak tua,"... Right. They must be a fan of birds.

I recently visited KakatooGo KL, an exceedingly new Malaysian Nyonya restaurant, tucked right downstairs of the 5th Element Hotel, among the growing stretch of cafes along Jalan Sultan. KakatooGo to the newest addition to the Kakatoo chain of restaurants, focusing on the to-go concept. The restaurant is also Halal certified.

I thought the place serves as a great introduction to traditional Malaysian and Nyonya food, for tourists venturing into Petaling Street, and also for locals wanting to rekindle the local tastebuds, at a comfortable and laidback setting.

There are also pre-packed Nyonya kuih and goodies for takeaway.

Considering that it was a to-go cafe, the menu was quite extensive, consisting of mostly Malaysian dishes with a touch of Nyonya Kampung to boost. Menu prices are very affordable.

The specialty here? The Nyonya version of Nasi Kerabu and Durian Cendol. Both executed incredibly well... will elaborate a bit more below. For tourists hopping into Malaysia for the first time, why not try something new?
The Nasi Kerabu Baba Fried Chicken (RM17.00), came with a serving of blue rice topped with sweet and spicy coconut sauce, half a hard-boiled salted egg, acar and salad, grated coconut, fish keropok, and fried chicken. The chicken was succulent on the inside, cripsy outside, and the acar added a sour twang to the overall sweet dish. 
For those unfamiliar with acar, it is essentially an assortment of pickled vegetables. It may look simple but it's really not easy to make. Kakatoo's rendition of homemade Nyonya Acar (RM6.90), Kerabu Mango (RM6.90), and Cucur Udang (RM3.50/piece - comes with pretty large prawns) was very well done.  
As much as I love toasts and bacon, the most satisfying and comforting breakfast for me comes in the form of this Curry Cheong Fun (RM5.50). The flat noodles had a nice firm texture and the combination of sauces was a winner - sweet, spicy and salty, a tinge unique compared to the ones I had before.
I wasn't huge on the Nyonya Curry Noodle (RM7.50), simply because yellow noodles aren't exactly my thing, but I did have a slurp-full. I definitely tasted coconut in the curry broth, but it wasn't as rich as I thought it would be.
A fiery and flavorsome dish. The Asam Laksa (RM7.50) was unbelievably appetizing and also one of the surprising favorites of my meal. The tangy fish broth packed a punch and the noodles chewy. It was spicy no doubt, but I had no problems finishing everything up.
When it comes to fruit rojak, it's really all about the sauce mixture, made out of fermented shrimp paste, and the medley of fruits that goes into it. Kakatoo's version of Fruits Rojak (RM9.90) came very well balanced and it was tasty. I especially enjoyed the crunchy and sticky textures of the dish.
Have the Curry Chicken with either Noodles (RM9.50) or Nasi Kunyit (RM9.50). The curry chicken was tender, not too spicy, and there was enough gravy to soak up the rice and noodles.
To keep in-trend, Kakatoo concocted their version of bubble milk tea, in the form of Cendol Bluecloudol (RM12.50), that came in 3 beautiful layers of pearl, milk and butterfly pea topped with a dollop of cendol. It was too sweet for me to handle however. The Passion Fizzy (RM9.50) and Lychee Crush (RM9.50) on the other hand, proves well as a sweet thirst quencher. Plus, the homemade Signature Durian Cendol (RM12.50) was to-die-for. Must have here!

Clearly... I had way too much to eat that afternoon. If I were to recommend my favorites - Nasi Kerabu, Curry Cheong Fun, Asam Laksa, Fruit Rojak, and the Durian Cendol.

KakatooGo is located at:
Address: Lot 10, Ground Floor, Kompleks Selangor, Jalan Sultan, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 03-2022 1102
Opening Hours: 8am - 10pm Daily
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KakatooGo/


  1. The prices are pretty cheap for that sort of place isn't it? even cheaper than some hawker stalls!


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