May 12, 2019

My Healthy Snack Stash From Signature Market Malaysia

A friend asked me recently if I really enjoy snacking that much - the immediate answer to that is "oh yeah!"

Although many health aficionado would have shrugged at the though consuming all that sugar and sodium but hey - moderation is key, and it's really all about consuming the right snacks.

There's plenty to like from Signature Market Malaysia, a healthy snacks online store, offering organic and natural food products, at 20-50% cheaper than market price! There are over 500 food products offered 24/7, ranging from Nuts and Trail Mixes (definitely one of their best sellers), Gourmet Snacks and Spreads, Honey & Vinegar, Herbal Soups & Tea, to just name a few. There's even Health & Beauty, and Household Products offered on the website.

This, definitely gave me a new lease of snack-life, and also a fantastic alternative, with ease of just one click.

I'm no where as crazy about nuts as I am with my sour cream and onion potato chips, but I think I found my new found craze with black truffle salted egg potato chips!

What I really like about Signature Market?

✓ Good quality products - I tasted 13 packs of Signature Market goodies and I can say that quality was good and consistent
✓ Good quality packaging
✓ Resealable bags
✓ Clearly labeled details, nutrition facts and expiry dates
✓ Variety on website
✓ Affordable products - product prices ranged between RM10-RM20

Here are some of my recent stash courtesy of Signature Market Malaysia. Shipping is FREE for first time orders, or purchases above RM100.00.


Low Carb Mix 140gm - RM16.00
Walnut Trail Mix 110gm - RM16.00
Healthy Nut Mix 140gm - RM16.00
Roasted Pistachios in Shell Salted 115gm - RM14.00


Cranberry Blackcurrent Mix 300gm - RM14.00
Energy Booster Trail Mix 170gm - RM16.00
Antioxidant Boost 170gm - RM16.00

Finest Crunchy Almond Biscotti 100gm - RM16.00
Black Truffle Salted Egg Potato Chips 100gm - RM20.00
Organic Chia Seed 200gm - RM11.00
Salted Vanilla Cashew Crumble 120gm - RM16.00


Natural Peppermint Leaves 50gm - RM15.00
Superior Pure Matcha Powder 200gm - RM15.00

What are some of your favorite snacks?

Keep on munching. And munching.


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