Apr 26, 2019

Online Bargain Hunting For My Holiday Outfits.

Sawadee Kap...

I will be heading to Thailand real soon and like any other vacation, I always pre-plan not only the things to bring, but also the outfits to wear. For the most part, I'd liked to make an effort to look good in photographs, and secondly, I'd liked to optimise space, simply because I usually just carry-on.

Bought this yellow dress from an independant online store for my previous trip to Bangkok, Thailand

Now, this thing about photographs...

Every time I visit some place new, I always think of it as a once in a lifetime experience, because really, I may only ever only visit that place once. The world is a huge place you know - 195 countries, 7 continents. 

For that very reason, I want to feel good and look good when I look back at all my photographs, perhaps years later. Henceforth, I always feel the need to wear something new, which is fitted for the occasion, and or matching to the background. So yes, sometimes it's really for photography sake.

Okay, admittedly it could also be for my Blog or my Instagram feed.


Rather than splurging on something offline, that I may potentially ever only wear once, I'd normally just go online bargain hunting for my holiday outfits. 

Some people claimed that online shopping is not exactly cheap nowadays, which I do agree to some extent, but for me, knowing where to shop, when, and what to buy, matters the most. Because sometimes, it's about the price, sometimes it's about the variety. A lot of things that I see and buy online is not available offline, and really, it is just way easier to search via a search box, rather than shuffling up and down a shopping mall.

I mean... the internet does make everyone a tad lazier, but also way more efficient too for that matter.

Image credit to Mashable

There are a couple online shopping portals that I normally frequent, bigger names along the likes of Zalora Malaysia, Lazada Malaysia, Shopee, and many other independent and niche online stores. I usually buy from Malaysian portals rather than overseas, because shipping and taxes could really complicate things at times.

Bought this green floral romper from Zalora for my previous trip to Bali, Indonesia

My favorite go-to online shop would be Zalora, because of its ease of choices, prompt delivery, great return policy, and constant availability of Zalora promo code. To be very honest, I don't think I've ever bought anything at full price. It's like forever-sale. I bought a couple of holiday outfits from Zalora, just a couple of days ago, just in time for my Thailand holiday.

Bought this red dress from Lazada for my previous trip to Macau

The other shopping portal that I frequent a whole lot would be Lazada. Who does not know Lazada right? The bargain hunter in me bought a reduced price sun hat, using a Lazada voucher, and it only costed me 10 bucks, shipping included.

Nowadays if I really want to shop for clothes, or any other bargain pieces for that matter, I'd always prefer to do it on the comfort of my own bed.

Plus, my recent purchase definitely saved me some money for more holiday treats in Thailand. Till the next online shopping spree! Or should I say holiday?


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