Oct 14, 2018

How It Took Me Close To 8 Hours To Get From The City To Cameron Highland.

I don't quite remember the last time I visited Cameron Highland. A sanctuary known for it's strawberry and tea farms, surrounded by lush greeneries and cool climate, away from the nasty dust filled air that I've been breathing in everyday *coughs*. Perhaps I made a trip up north when I was really young, or maybe it was just plain boring that I don't remember much detail of my previous visit.

That being said, my recent journey to Cameron Highland was undoubtedly one of the most memorable road trips I've taken thus far - hence this journal.

Passing through Ipoh, a 1.5-hour drive from the City, we dropped by Chef Yong Eatery, for lunch. We had the Drunken chicken soup with goji berry noodles (RM8.50), Dry curry chicken bun (RM6.50), Zha jiang spinach noodle (RM4.70) and an order of White coffee, what Ipoh is typically known for, all upon recommendation.

I wouldn't miss a trip to Funny Mountain Soya Bean, for a taste of their locally made tau fu fah. Two options here - Tau fu fah (RM1.50) and Tau cheong sui (RM2.50). The queue was relatively tolerable that afternoon, and after just 20-minutes waiting time, I gulped down on a much - deserved bowl of tau fu fah. On a side note, for those not wanting to get off the car, there's also a drive-thru option. A staff will run to your window, get your order, run back, get your order, then serve. Very innovative I must say, and way quicker than queing too as a matter of fact.

 chef yong eatery

It was about 1.30pm when we departed to Cameron Highland. Little did we we know, our supposed 2-hour joy ride was prolongued to a 6-hour crawl - and no I'm not exaggerating. Till today, the reasons are still unknown, of what caused the jam. There was no traffic collision, nor was there any ongoing construction works, obstructing the roadways. The sudden downpour would've added to the traffic but not to the extend of a 6-hour jam. I mean, c'mon, I can get to Thailand in 6-hours.

I wound down the window for the rest of the journey. If it weren't for the breeze that ensued, I would've been nauseous, from the neverending windy roads to the chronic traffic condition. Thankfully for the company I was with, the delay became much more bearable needless to say.

After being stagnant for awhile, we parked and took a breather at Cameron Tea Valley, some 3-hours later.

We then did a quick detour to a nearby strawberry farm, wanting to pick some strawberries, but ended up having strawberry jam waffles instead. No strawberries left in the farm.

At 6pm it started pouring. We continued our drive uphill, to the highlands, where the steamboat restaurants are. At 7.30pm, some 6-hours later after departing from Ipoh, we arrived and spend the rest of the evening at my friend's new steamboat venture, Oppa Steamboat Restaurant, and had a tummy - warming feast of steamboat and barbecued meats. The tab came up to about RM170+ for 3 of us.

Never in a thousand years - until global warming catch up that is - that I ever thought of using the heater in the car, in this tropical climate. It has been pouring the entire evening, making it exceedingly chilly and windy outdoors. The temperature was running at 18'c beyong the windshield. So many first - times in this trip. We called a night thereafter.

Next morning, we started afresh. The day was young ; the weather was fantastic ; the traffic was long gone. We had breakfast at The Lord's Cafe, Tanah Rata, just a few minutes walk from where we stayed, and had on of the best scones I've had, so much so that I did a takeaway back home after that. I ordered the Cream Scone (RM2.80) that came with their homemade strawberry jam, Apple pie (RM3.80), Banana chocolate cake (RM3.20), Plain omelette (RM3.20), and Sandwich (RM3.20). This was one of the most enjoyable and not to mention, affordable breakfast I've had in awhile.

The last leg of our journey was at Cameron Valley Strawberry Farm. If there was no more strawberries to pick, at least I can buy a couple of containers back, which I ended up doing so towards the end.

The journey back to the city was pleasant one, and took us merely 3.5-hours to reach home, as expected. I wouldn't say I didn't have fun in this trip, because I felt that I did and it was an undeniably memorable one - from the scones to the steamboat ; and despite the horrendous traffic, downpour, and the lack of strawberries.

Also on the plus side, I will always have a story on Cameron Highlands that I can tell. Till the next road trip that awaits.


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