Oct 15, 2018

Highlights : Beauty In The Pot 美滋锅 @ Sky Avenue Genting Highland

The Restaurant:

Started by the Paradise Group of Restaurants, this Chinese hotpot venture started in Singapore and recently arrived in Malaysia - very well received too if I may just add. This hotpot restaurant is known for it's nourishing soup bases, in particular, the Beauty Collagen Broth, alongside the use of premium ingredients and homemade specialties. The pink and "cherry blossom" inspired interior seemed to be one of the key attraction here also.

How to get to Beauty In The Pot 美滋锅 Genting Highland : Take the elevator up to Level 4 of Sky Avenue, then take the escalator up from the entrance of Powerplant Restaurant. Reservations are available but extremely limited, hence I'd recommend booking at least a week in advance, if you're heading there over the weekends. I walked-in on a Saturday evening and got my table within 1 hour. Average waiting time : 90 minutes.

The Food:

For Beauty In The Pot Menu and Prices:

Pot options:
✅ Quart (RM10.00 onward per quart - my quart pot was RM60.00+) ✅ Half ✅ Whole (RM32.00)

6 Broth/Soup Options :
✅ Beauty Collagen 胶原蛋白养颜美容锅
✅ Vitamin C Tomato Sweet Corn 维他命C番茄玉米锅
✅ Herbal Drunken Chicken 养生药膳醉鸡锅
✅ Cooling Coconut 清凉解热雪耳椰子锅
✅ Spicy Nourishing "Malat" 滋补养身香辣锅
✅ Longevity Long Pine Mushroom 长生抗癌松茸野菌锅

I tried the first 4 soup base options, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Each carries it's own unique and rich flavors - I really don't know how to pick my favorite. The Beauty Collagen soup would be the must - have here, using shark cartilage as the main collagen boosting ingredient. The Cooling Coconut soup was a surprising delight, it had a perfect balance of sweetness, with plenty of coconut flesh to add. The Herbal Drunken Chicken soup came with an abundance of herbs. The Tomato Sweet Corn was thick, rich, and I'd recommend saving this for last. The rest of the meat and seafood selections that I ordered was fresh and promising.

Additional : Fruits and Sauces (RM6.80) - which is a rip off because this option should be a given. The charges go according to headcount per table.

Complimentary : Yuzu Ice Blended for every table.

There's also a 20% discount from 10.30pm onward, limited to food ingredients only, and excludes soup base, condiments and drinks.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10.

For me, I'd definitely pick Beauty In The Pot over Hai Di Lao, simply because of my preference towards the soup bases here. Having said that, I think Hai Di Lao does a little better in terms of hospitality.

As for my first time experience at Beauty In The Pot - Love the soup base ; Love the fresh ingredients used ; Love the ambiance ; Love the overall experience. Bonus - The experience of having wholesome and hearty hotpot amidst the Genting breeze. Expect the pay about RM80/person for a full feast here.

Beauty In The Pot is located at:
Address: Level 5 Rooftop, Sky Avenue Rooftop, Genting Highlands 69000, Pahang, Malaysia.
Phone: 03-6101 1392
Opening Hours: 12pm - 2am Daily.

The Highlights : Food Series consists of short stories of restaurants that I thought would be worthwhile of sharing in this blog.


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