Sep 5, 2018

Nicsmann 1940s By Lewre @ Sky Avenue Genting

Sky Avenue Genting was unveiled early last year and have since opened up to a host of retail outlets and cool eateries. If you have not visited Genting Highlands of late, there's a line-up of new venues to explore and experience here.

Just last weekend, I visited Nicsmann 1940s By Lewre, situated smacked at the center of Sky Avenue Genting. This is the eateries' third outlet to date, with the first being at TREC KL and the second at The Starling Mall. It was not my first time venturing into this new space, nor was it my first time visiting this restaurant.

Nicsmann By Lewre combines casual fine dining, with a thoughtfully crafted menu of modern Asian and Western food. That afternoon, I sampled some of their signature dishes, including a handful of new menu additions, that had plenty of fiery Sichuan flavors to boost.

I thought that this was a fantastic way to spend my weekend, while having a scrumptious feast, in a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere, and amidst the cool Genting breeze. Food gets cold real quick here, so be prepared to dig in immediately!

places to eat in genting
restaurants to eat in genting
First up, the Seafood Platter (RM220), a generous serving of it, and all the hype right now. Meant to be shared - One dozen Green mussels with tomato coulis; Cheesy baked dory fish; Stuffed otak-otak calamari; One dozen Grilled prawn skewers; and Sweet potato fries - and I tried all of it. Though the grilled prawn skewers was a challenge to pry through, the dory fish was fresh and nicely flaked, and the mussels were chewy and well-flavored.
restaurants to eat in genting
good restaurants to eat in genting
Check out the size of the perfectly cooked scallops! A rather simple dish of Spicy Scallop Squid Ink Linguine Pasta (RM68) tossed in garlic oil and chili flakes, cuts of cherry tomatoes, and five large pan-seared US scallops. Don't worry, it had just the right hint of spiciness to it.
I see the word "spicy" in the menu and I knew that the dish would be too hot for me to handle. The Deep Fried Spicy Chicken With Dried Chili (RM45) was a force to be reckoned with. It had plenty of kick (chili peppers, sichuan peppercorns and dried chilies - you do the math), fit for those who have a hot-tongue for spicy food.
Though I wasn't huge on anything-lamb per se, my friend really enjoyed the Sizzling Skewered Lamb In Hunan Local Style (RM55). It was meaty and juicy, he says.
I couldn't quite tell what was in the bubbling Sichuan gravy until I gave the dish a bit of a stir, and was pleasantly surprised to find a plethora of lobster meat, sauteed onions and white radish carrots hidden beneath, in a pool of chili oil. The Lobster Tail with Sichuan Gravy (RM96) was simultaneously comforting and indulgent; flavorsome yet verging on fiery.
I took a bite out of the Durian Cream Puff (RM32) and was delighted to be greeted with rich and creamy durian fillings.
Last but not least, a delectable and decent serving of homemade Sizzling Brownie (RM32) topped with chocolate ganache and vanilla ice cream to end the meal.

If you're here for tea or dinner, there's a Live Band that play acoustic rhythms, at intervals throughout the evening. They were pretty good if you'd asked me.

Happy Hour Promotions (before 9pm daily) are ongoing also, with Carlsberg and Connors going for RM14/mug, and Asahi and Kronenberg going for RM17/mug. After 9pm prices are at RM22 and RM27 accordingly.

That afternoon, it rained then stopped, then rained again. Luckily for us, by the time we were done with our feast, the rain had stopped, and the cool breeze that ensued, made the ride downhill much more enjoyable. I wound down the window and dozed off in a dreamy nap. I had a immensely rich feast at Nicsmann 1940s By Lewre that evening.

Thank you for having me. 

Nicsmann 1940s By Lewre is located at:
Address: Lot No. T2C-31&32 of Level 4 & T3-31&32 of Level 5, Sky Avenue Genting, Genting Highlands.
Phone: 013-3590443
Facebook Page:


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