Apr 15, 2018

The Lifestyle Clinic & The Skin Boutique @ The Strand Kota Damansara KL

In the past couple of months, I have been diligently visiting The Lifestyle Clinic & The Skin Boutique (Facebook Page / Official Website), in hopes of saving my skin, and needless to say, I have not felt better in years.

The resident doctor of the practice, Dr Alan Law's recommendation was spot-on, and consultation were done comprehensively. Not only that, he also gave insights and tips on to how to maintain my overall skin health and well-being. The team too, were very attentive to attending my requests, all treatments went very smoothly and appointments were made at ease.

Based on my aesthetic experiences in the past, I have learnt to value the additional effort being put in to making my overall experience an enjoyable one, from the expertise of the doctor, nurses and staff, to the comfort of the environment, something which I don't see quite often elsewhere anymore.

Plus, everyone knows that parking could come as a bit of a hassle within the area, but rest assured, a customer only parking spot was readily available, on a first come first serve basis.

Throughout my 3 month journey with The Lifestyle Clinic & The Skin Boutique, I went for Platelet Rich Plasma, Omnilux Photodynamic and Medlite C6 Q-switch Laser Treatments, all of which will be elaborated below, but I'd preached on the benefits of PRP Treatment. Let me tell you about that first.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

Stimulate new cell growth | Improve skin texture | Restore skin elasticity | Rejuvenation of skin condition | Stimulate hair growth | Increases collagen production

The Procedure
Duration: 30 minutes (numbing cream) + 10 minutes (procedure). Yes, it was a little painful no doubt, even with the numbing cream, but the entire procedure was very fast. The process involved taking about 10ml of blood, then seperating the red blood cells from it's plasma using a machine. The plasma contained a large amount of platelets, which are active ingredients for cell regeneration. The clean plasma will then be injected into the problematic areas, usually on fine lines and skin under the eyes, but for me, it was injected on the mild pitted acne scars, on both sides of my cheek.

Did it work?
For me, PRP did wonders for my skin, compared to the likes of fractional carbon laser treatments and such. Why didn't I go for it earlier? I have mild pitted acne scars on both sides of my cheek, and just with one treatment alone, I saw major improvement on my skin texture, the acne scars miraculously flattened out. After merely 3 treatments, I felt that my skin condition improved as much as 70% to the very least.

Along the way, I was also given sulfur based product to promote the healing of my skin.

Dr Alan made sure that the treatment did not leave any bruises or marks on my face, which was quite a nom for PRP. Plus, the team made sure that I felt comfortable and painless throughout the entire procedure, by applying compression and ice-pack on my face immediately after that. I'd highly recommend PRP at The Lifestyle Clinic, for those who have post acne marks on their skin.

The treatment is great for those who have acne scars, large pores, fine lines and dark eye circles.

Treatment Costs
RM800.00/session or RM3,000.00 for 12 sessions.

MedLite C6 Q-switch Nd:YAG Laser Treatment

 Removes Age Spots, Freckles, Brown Spots & Birthmarks | Fine Hair Reduction | Laser Skin Whitening

The Procedure
Duration - 15 minutes.

Did it work?
For me, the treatment worked to the extend of brightening my skin and just mildly on reducing the acne on my skin. Pardon me, but the treatment's benefits were probably overshadowed by the positive outcome of my PRP Treatments. Again, Dr Alan were very gentle whilst performing the laser on my entire face. There was no pain involved.

Treatment Cost

Omnilux Photodynamic Therapy

Excellent for healing bruises | Relaxing and calming | Non-invasive | No side effects and downtime | Boosts natural production of collagen | Stimulation of moisture into skin |

The Procedure
Duration - 20 minutes.

Did it work?
After each session, I was given an uptime to this therapy. With my very sensitive skin, I tend to get really red after each aesthetic treatment, hence the main purpose of this therapy was to calm my skin down, and it worked. Not only was it painless, it felt exceedingly relaxing. I fell asleep almost everytime.

Treatment Costs

Drop me a comment or email me for more photographs.

If you have any, any at all, skin or aesthetic circumstances that have been bothering you, I'd highly encourage giving The Lifestyle Clinic & The Skin Boutique a call. Thank you for restoring my confidence.


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