Feb 14, 2018

My Travel Essentials - It's All About Being Simple And Ever Ready.

The wanderlust in me are always looking forward to my next travel destination, be it for a long vacation or a short trip.

Henceforth, I curated my very own short and simple list of travel essentials, which I have grown to relied on everytime I pack, over the years. And like the title suggests, it's all about being simple and ever ready. The necessities are more or less the same, for every single trip.

I know - I know. Researching and shopping for the right products to bring cam be a hassle sometimes. Thus, in this write-up, I'm not only going to share a bit about some of my travel essentials, but also with the help of ProductNation, a one-stop destination for all the latest product reviews, guides and consumer favorites, in Malaysia.

Photograph taken in Khao Yai, Thailand.

Travel Electronics & Gadgets

We live in an era that is very much bounded by technology. I, for one, will not feel safe without being connected, let alone be without my phone. Therefore, bringing the right Travel Electronics & Gadgets are of utmost importance - second after passport and cash that is.

✅ Phone ✅ Powerbank ✅ Camera & Batteries Wifi Device Universal Adapter

For more reviews and recommendations on some of the Top Travel Electronics, ProductNation does a roundup of what's hot and trending.

Toiletries & Makeup Products

Being the lady that I am, I can't do without my Toiletries and Makeup Products. Period. Besides, I have really sensitive skin, meaning I can only use specific products off the shelf. Apart from that, my trusty hair straightener also follows me wherever I go.

It's all about being ever ready for photographs. Really.

 Cleansing Oil ✅ Cleanser ✅ Moisturizer ✅ Sunscreen ✅ Eyeliner ✅ Foundation ✅ Compact Powder ✅ Lipgloss ✅ Lipstick Contact Lens (+1 spare) + Solution ✅ Roll-on Perfume  ✅ Hair Straightener  Shampoo + Conditioner (yes, I prefer to use my own) ✅ Comb 

Tip: Always bring travel sizes and never in full bottles. More often than not, toiletries and makeup products take up the most weight. Here are some of my favorites, and yes - I have a knack for collecting travel size toiletries.

Health Supplements

Many would think that Health Supplements are purely secondary, and can probably go without, for at least a couple of days. I do however, have a pretty good habit of taking my daily health supplements, whenever I travel. The last thing I would want to happen is to fall sick during a vacation.

✅ Probiotics ✅ Vitamin C ✅ Charcoal Pills (for my not so healthy stomach)

I hope my short and simple list of travel essentials above, would come in handy for your upcoming vacation. Again, for more product reviews, guides and tips, in Malaysia, head over to ProductNation for more insights.

Happy traveling!


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