Jan 27, 2018

A Day At The Picturesque Khao Yai, Thailand. What's The Hype All About?

*This trip was sponsored by klook*

I can't believe it's the end of January already! Don't you agree that time flew pass way too quickly? It seemed like just yesterday that I returned from my Bangkok trip, euphoric as such.

The highlight of my trip this time round, was my day tour to Khao Yai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located 3 hours drive away, north-east of Bangkok. The best time to visit Khao Yai would be from November to January, when the flowers bloom.

This Khao Yai Private And Custom Tour From Bangkok was all made possible by Klook, an online platform providing hassle-free booking of a wide range of travel experiences, at affordable prices.

My Khao Yai itinerary was really simple to plan, curated based on preference, with the help of a list of places to visit given by Klook, when I pre-booked my trip online. I was contacted by Klook a few days after that, confirming my tour. A private, one day tour (for 3 in a car) costs RM434.00, with an option of having a tour guide, at RM340.00.

Throughout the trip, I was kept connected through a 3G Wifi Device that I also got from Klook.

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places to visit in khao yai

As part of the tour, I got to see flowers - too much sunflowers in fact, and two Italian-Tuscan themed villages. Given the limited time frame, I'd highly suggest keeping the itinerary to 4 to 5 point of interest only.

While I'm not much of a nature person, Khao Yai is famed for it's natural habitat - waterfall, forest and grassland, at the Khao Yai National Park. Apart from that, the Khao Yai Winery Tours have also been exceedingly popular, though both of which I did not visit in this tour.

At 8am sharp, I was picked up by a designated van send by Klook, adjourning on an exciting journey from Bangkok to Khao Yai.


The first stop of the itinerary brought me to The Bloom (THB100 admission fee). There were so much flowers that it made me gawked, but I spend a good hour roaming my way through.



Next, Primo Piazza (THB200 admission fee), an Italian themed village, located just a stone's throw away from The Bloom. I got to feed alpacas here! Those scary little things! Don't sweat it, they say.

klook alpaca


Just when I thought I could do with a bit of air conditioning in the van, it was time to hop-off again. I got off at Palio Village, a Tuscan village that had plenty of crumbling and quirky architectures. There were also a handful of cafes and snack stalls tucked in every corner. Like the former, I didn't stay long however.



After taking a breather and had some pretty decent Thai meal, I dropped by Khao Yai Sunflower Field (THB20 admission fee). The more popular Saraburi Sunflower Field was located quite a distance away from the rest of the attractions that I opted for, hence I decided to give that a pass.

The backdrop was beautiful no doubt, the sunrays shone and the sunflowers stood tall - but there were just way too much flowers for me to handle in a day! Getting a comfortable spot for photographs was an ordeal, and my mud-smattered sandals needed much cleaning after that. It's me, it's just me, my friend had so much fun.



Before I know it, it was already close to sunset and right before heading back to bustling Bangkok, I got the driver to drop by The Birder's Cafe & Lodge, a quaint cafe that also provides individual cabins for lodging. Plenty of vibes right there! I wouldn't mind staying the night.


My fondest memory of the tour would have to be the sunflowers. It was there, that I saw so many sunflowers in a single arena. I was also very glad, that I had a like-minded travel companion that would go all out for just a snapshot. Despite having to do everything in a rush, spending a day in Khao Yai was a nice scenic change to my usual Bangkok holidays, and needless to say, a whole new experience altogether.

It was about 9pm when I rejoined my other friends in Bangkok, just in time for a quick shower and supper after that. I'd probably write more about the specifics of my Bangkok agenda in another travelogue.

Thank you again to Klook for making this Khao Yai trip possible.


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