Jul 24, 2017

5 Reasons Why I Like Shopping On honestbeemy.

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1. Anywhere, anytime.

It has been a really hectic week at work for me so all I wanted to do on that weekend, was to sit back, relax, with my laptop running on the background, and within the comfort of my own room. Plus, the blast of cool air from the air-conditioning would beat the sweltering heat outdoors, hands down.

At the back of my mind however, I knew that my weekend grocery stash was depleting and in dire need of restocking.

I have heard many things about honestbeemy, an online concierge and delivery service, that allowed me to order groceries with the ease of a click, then delivered straight to my doorstep. Great - for lazy bums like me.

2. Easy to use. On app and on desktop.

Within minutes, I installed the honestbeemy App on my mobile phone. The interface was straightforward, simple and very easy to navigate through, I reckoned anyone could use it. It took me merely a couple of clicks before I got familiarized with what's-where and what's-how.

3. Anything, everything.

I browsed through the groceries section first. There were a handful of stores to pick from, updated according to location of delivery.

After what seemed like an eternity of deciding what I need (fickle minded like that...), I decided to make my purchase from Ben's Independent Grocer in the end. Why? Simply because BIG carried a wide selection of not only fresh food and items, but also basic necessities like health & beauty and home-care products.

I started adding an assortment of groceries into my cart, including my favorite brand of potato chips, and that oversized bottle of shampoo and toilet paper that I have been dreading to carry home.

4. More than just groceries. There's food!

Apart from just groceries, there was also a food tab, where hot food comes available. There was a selection of food, ranging from Asian Food to Burgers; Fast Food to Salad. The more the reason to stay home.

Having said that, I did not make any hot food orders this time round, apart from 3 bottles of juice from La Juciera.

5. Multiple delivery time slots.

There are multiple 1-hour delivery time slots available throughout the day, from 10am to 9pm.

Having made prior outing arrangements the day before, I chose the 5-6pm time slot for the groceries to be delivered straight to my doorstep. I was subsequently charged RM13 for delivery fee and concierge fee during checkout.

Thank you honestbeemy for the joyful convenience and providing me with my weekend lazy bum survival stash.
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