May 7, 2017

The Face Shop Miracle Finish Cushions & Moisture Touch Lipsticks

I am a huge advocate when it comes to Korean beauty brands, be it makeup or skincare products. Thanks to the never ending raves online, and hype spurred by the Korean wave.

The Face Shop recently send me a range of their newest products - The Face Shop Miracle Finish Cushions and Moisture Touch Lipsticks.

I had loads of fun testing both of the products out. Here's my take.

The Face Shop Moisture Touch Lipstick

- Features & Benefit -
Rich moisture for dewy and long last effect
Vivid shades for radiance
Glossy layering for wrinkle-free lips

 - Seven Timeless Lipstick Looks -
Coral Lip
A sweet coral hue that lies between peach and orange.
Is Orange The New Red?
A flattering hue for diverse skin tones that is deemed a steady color for all season. Go bold with a pop of orange lip look in style.
Pink Soul Mate
From nude, baby to hot pink, have you found your pink soul mate yet? Discover the right pink shade with the Moisture Touch series that carries 4 different pink shades to choose from.
Classic Red Lips
A signature classic red color that never go out of style - perfect for a fun night out.
Wearable Shades Of Purple
An edgy color that comes with two wearable shades of purple.
90's Brown Lip Revival
A brown lipstick that brings back a look of the 90's, paired perfectly with any classic outfit.
Natural Lips With Beige
A beige toned nude lipstick for an effortless look, meant for everyday wear. The Moisture Touch Lipstick carries 3 different nude shades. Warm up the complexion with these shades this season!

- Price -

- On My Beauty Rack -

BE01 Beige Bomb
CR02 Feel So Coral
PK02 Pink Flash
RD02 Red Rising (my favorite!)

- Personal Views -

The Moisture Touch series is infused by multiple layers of hydrating serum, that kept my lips moist and conditioned, throughout the day. Despite the matte lipstick hype, I'm not much of a matte person, because my lips chapped so easily, hence I'm really glad these managed to give my lips a moisture boost.

The lipsticks also contains multiple essential oils, hence it does carry with it a bit of mild scent, though tasteless overall.

I wouldn't say that the lipsticks are heavily pigmented (great!), I'd always prefer it to be more versatile when it comes to application. The highly dense color compact system would only require two swipes for a complete finish. Tip: I'd normally line my lips with a layer of lip balm first.

As far as staying power goes, I didn't have to reapply as frequent as I do other lipsticks, just once or twice a day after food.

I love red lipsticks so my favorite was an obvious pick, the vibrant shade of the RD02 Rising Red. The shade easily brightens up my entire face. It's also not too glossy and shiny, just the way I prefer it to be.

The BE01 Beige Bomb on the other hand, would be great fit for a more muted look, whereas the PK02 Pink Flash was a sweet addition, and the CR02 Feel So Coral would make the perfect everyday lipstick.

The Face Shop Miracle Finish Cushion

- Features & Benefit -

LG Patented "Micro Foam" Technology for long lasting finish
Blooming Coverage for high coverage effect and color control functions

- 6 Types Of Cushion -
Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (for oily skin - sebum control)
Prevent makeup from clumping with sebum control and matte finish, for a refreshingly bright complexion.
CC Intense Cover Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (for blemished skin - intense coverage)
Contains 7 types of flower oils and extract for making dry skin dewy and radiant; for flawless skin with high coverage.
CC Ultra Moist Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (for all types of skin - moisturizing) 
Deep moisturizing effect that gives a dewy and glowing effect. Covers fine lines for smooth finish and provides natural glow to the skin.
CC Long Lasting Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (for oily skin - pore coverage) 
Moisture function with cooling effect to give the skin an instant moisture recharge from the heat, for a long lasting and light weight finish.
BB Power Perfection Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (for all types of skin - moisturizing, brightening)
Contains primer that makes the skin smoother, for moisturizing and brightening effects.
CC Cooling Cushion SPF42 PA+++ (for sensitive/dry skin - cools down heated skin)
Contains moisturizing and regenerating ingredients that helps in maintaining skin elasticity, alongside good coverage with a semi matte finish.
- Price -
RM104.83 (Pack) RM62.43 (Refill only)

Before | After

- On My Beauty Rack -

Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50+ PA+++
CC Intense Cover Cushion SPF50+ PA+++
CC Ultra Moist Cushion SPF50+ PA+++
CC Long Lasting Cushion SPF50+ PA+++
BB Power Perfection Cushion SPF50+ PA+++
CC Cooling Cushion SPF42 PA++

- Personal View -

Cushions are one of those things which I've never experiment enough of. I'm so used to my liquid foundation and compact powder! But the Miracle Finish Cushions - definitely got me going.

The Miracle Finish Cushions comes in an elegant yet sturdy packaging, available in either black or white. The puffs too, are fairly conventional. It's not too thick and picks up and absorbs just enough product for a single application. The Miracle Finish Cushion range comes with sunscreen protection of SPF50+ PA+++.

Tip: Pat and built up when applying. Do not swipe.

Now, let's talk about the cushions.

The cushions that were more fitted for me was the CC Intense Cover Cushion SPF50+ and the BB Power Perfection Cushion SPF50+. My shade is Natural Beige.

I thought the CC Intense Cover Cushion SPF50+ was lightweight and provided surprisingly good coverage on my blemished prone skin. While the cushion is on the heavier side, it pats in easily and covered up the acne marks on my skin, without being overly cakey and thick. The cushion contains a special treatment of micro molecules of hyaluronic acid and flower oil complex care to hydrate the skin. Having said that, it did made my face a little oily as the day goes by, but I have really skin so this was not exactly unexpected. I'd usually pat on some compact powder for longer stay.

The BB Power Perfection Cushion SPF50+ also worked really well on me. It's typically a total skin treatment BB cushion foundation that provides power hydration and color correcting effects. I'm prone to redness, especially on my nose area. The cushion even out my skin tone, provided a medium coverage (obviously not as heavy as the Intense Cover Cushion but it can be built on) and gave my skin a semi-matte finish. It did get a little oily throughout the day, but nothing that an oil blotter can't fix. Again, the formula contains natural moisturizing factor for a more moisturized finish. For it's hydrating, moisturizing and brightening effects, I'd say the BB Power Perfection Cushion SPF50+ would be suitable for all types of skin. 

What I really liked about the Miracle Finish Cushion? The naturally light shimmery and dewy glow it provides.

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