Mar 2, 2017

A Day At Sky Avenue Genting - Burger & Lobster, Cafes Richard And Motorino.

From the hustle of the legendary Genting casino, to the newly opened Sky Avenue lifestyle mall, and the rest of the bustle in between. I was recently invited for a sneak peek of Genting's new dining and shopping avenue.

In this writeup, I will be featuring the Top 3 New Restaurants To Visit In Sky Avenue Genting Highlands.

Burger & Lobster (yes, the one and only from London), Cafes Richard (a Parisian-styled cafe) and Motorino (a NY pizza place). All of which are located right next to each other, at Level 1 of Sky Avenue.

No snapshot of the much anticipated Twentieth Century Fox Themepark however. From what I was told, the tentative opening date will be in Oct-2017.

My Genting agenda started at Awana SkyWay, where I went on a 10-minutes joy ride in the new Glass Floor Gondola. Experiencing a 360' birds eye view of the 130-million-year-old rainforest while enjoying the cool breeze, was definitely a plus.

About Awana SkyWay Cable Car

The Awana SkyWay is located at the new Awana Transportation Hub, connecting passengers from Gohtong Jaya to Resorts World Genting. The 99 cable cars can carry 3,000 passengers every hour on the 620-metre ascent from Awana station to Chin Swee Station, then to SkyAvenue Station.

Awana SkyWay operates seven days a week, from 7am-12am.

Tickets for standard gondola are priced at RM8/person, while Genting Rewards Card members can pay through point deduction system of 5GP/trip. An express boarding pass can be purchased for RM40/person. The Glass Floor Gondola is priced at RM50/person or 40GP for Genting Rewards Card members.

While I waited for the rest of the troupe to arrive, I explored the mall a little bit more with my friends. The Awana SkyWay cable car facilities are directly linked to the Sky Avenue mall.

About Genting Rewards Malaysia Card

In Genting, prices are typically displayed in two terms - for member and non-member.

There're obviously certain payment and benefits attached to being a Genting Rewards Card Member (you'd have to refer to their official website for reference).

In short, in most F&B outlets, membership prices are typically about 10% cheaper compared to non-member prices.

Prices mentioned in this writeup, are non-member prices.

Lunch was at the newly opened Burger & Lobster, located inside of Sky Avenue, and also the most anticipated part of today's agenda, at least it was for me.

There's hype. Seriously.

The place is, afterall, the first in Asia. So, be prepared to wait!

The menu is not huge but offers a good enough variation. There're 3 signature styles of each - Wild Live Canadian Lobsters, Lobster Rolls and Burgers. Prices ranged between RM73-RM173.

Upon recommendation, I decided with The Original Lobster (RM153), The Chilli Lobster (RM173) and The Original Lobster Roll (RM153). As for burgers, I had The B&L Burger (RM153) and The Original (RM95).

My Favorite: The Chilli Lobster, a variation that was specially crafted for the Malaysian fans. It was addictively fragrant, and had the perfect blend of savory and sweetness, with a hint of fieriness to boost. Preference aside, the best way to have fresh lobster was probably to have it steamed - order The Original Lobster. It was fresh, had toothsome textures and stripped right off it's shell. Apart from that, The Original Lobster Roll too, was a pleasure to devour. For me, it was all about the crustacean, I wasn't huge on the burgers.

The Original (RM153) - Steamed Canadian Lobster, served with salad, fries and B&L's signature garlic butter.
My Top Pick: The Chilli Lobster (RM173) comes with signature broiche toasts.
The Original Lobster Roll (RM153).
The B&L Burger (RM153) - 168gm burger topped with lobster. The Original (RM95) - 224gm burger.

About Burger & Lobster Malaysia

Founded in 2011, Burger & Lobster opened it's first outlet in London, UK. Burger & Lobster Malaysia opened in January 2017, and is the first outpost in Asia.

Occupying 3,500 sq ft space, the 150-person capacity restaurant aims to offer a panaromic view of the new Twentieth Century Fox World theme park.

Burger & Lobster specialises in premium 650-700gm fresh lobsters from Canada, which are delivered weekly to the hilltop via KLIA. Lobsters are either steamed or grilled with clarified butter or the restaurant's famed garlic butter. The burgers on the other hand, are made with 100% Australian beef. The patties are served in baked sesame seed broiche bun and secret sauces.

Burger & Lobster is located at Level 1, Sky Avenue. Operation hours is from 11am-10pm on a weekday, and 11am-11.30pm on a weekend. For more information, please call 03-6101 1118 or visit

After what seemed like a neverending spree of indulging in some of the freshest lobsters in town, I decided to explore Sky Avenue a little more, mainly to prepare my then overstuffed tummy for the next meal that awaits.

Apart from a handful of the typical fashion and retail outlets, there really weren't much to see. The mall was not running on full capacity yet. I figured the best bet here for now - was to eat. There were plenty of tastefully designed eateries, spanning across a few levels of the mall.

Level 1 of Sky Avenue.
Malaysian Food Street @ Sky Avenue.

Tea was at Cafes Richard, a Parisian-styled, French cafe, famed for it's slow coffee and French delicacies. Me and my friends ordered a handful of their signature drinks to try, complimented with finger food.

My Favorite: The Sumatra Orang Utan Coffee (RM21) and the Chocolat Frappe (RM20). I didn't have much food, so no comments there. If you're looking for a picturesque place to chill in Genting, that carries coffee and high tea offerings, this cafe would do you well. 

Tea (RM14-20). Slow Coffee (RM21-62).
Chocolate Frappe (RM20). Latte Jardin Fleuri (RM20).

About Cafes Richard Malaysia

Cafes Richard started in 1982 and is the No.1 coffee roaster in France, with more than 2.4 million cups of coffee served worldwide. Cafes Richard's opening at Sky Avenue is their first international foray into the retail world of caffes, providing a classy Parisian-style atmosphere in a genuine French art of living, while enjoying authentic and high quality espresso, coffees, teas and French food.

Cafes Richard selects beans from around the world for their coffees. Their expertise in the art of roasting and blending is synonymous with the internationally reconized art of French gastronomy.

Divided into four zones, the 263-metres cafe can sit a little over 120 customers.

Cafes Richard is located at Level 1, Sky Avenue. Operation hours is from 10am-10pm, from Sunday to Thursday, and 10am-12am on Friday and Saturday. For more information, please call 03-6101 1118 or visit

To be honest, I wished I had a bit more to eat than just drink. I was clearly famished by dinner time.

Dinner was just right next door, at Motorino, a New York based pizza place.

I had a go at the Marinara (RM48), Cherry Stone Clam (RM58) and Amatriciana (RM53), alongside 2 appetizers, the Motorino's Meatballs (3 for RM26) and Roasted Chicken Wings (3 for RM20).

My Favorite: The Cherry Stone Clam pizza. The fluffy and warm pizza dough came with clams, gooey mozzarella, melted oreganata butter and a sprinkle of parsley. I'm quite picky when it comes to pizza crusts - but Motorino's version was quite delicious, it had a distinct charred crust and lightly toasted taste. For drinks, I had fresh carrot juice - which felt so refreshing after a whole day of eating. The rest of the pizza and side dishes were just average.

Marinara (RM48). Cherry Stone Clam (RM58). Amatriciana (RM53).
Motorino's Meatballs (3 for RM26). Roasted Chicken Wings (3 for RM20).
Thank you Fish for the picture!

About Motorino Malaysia

Originating from Brooklyn, New York, Motorino was helmed to serve one of the best Neopolitan Italian pizza in town. The wood-fire pizza ovens were brought in all the way from Naples, Italy.

Motorino's menu features 9 types of pizza flavors with over 20 additional toppings, all served in 12-inch pizza base.

Covering 4,000 sq ft space with a facade featuring golden bordered Italian windows in Sky Avenue, Motorino Malaysia brings the vibe of the American outlets to Malaysian shores, incorporating styles of the 1920s pizzeria to both it's interior and exterior.

Motorino is located at Level 1, Sky Avenue. Operation hours is from 11am-10pm, from Sunday to Thursday, and 11am-12am on Friday and Saturday. For more information, please call 03-6101 1118 or visit

By the time dinner was done, it was already slightly pass 7pm. The place was still swaped when we left - nothing out of the usual however.

We immediately descended from Genting Highlands back to town. With close to no sleep from the night before, I silently dozed off on the windy journey back home.

Although it was a long yet tiring day, I had loads of fun eating and exploring Sky Avenue. The cool Genting breeze too, was definitely a whiff of fresh air.

Thank you Resorts World Genting for having me.


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