Oct 31, 2016

Glen Grant Whisky Pairing Night And Canapes @ The Social, TREC KL

It was a night filled with grins and giggles, specially curated canapes, and my first taste of Glen Grant - the main reason of my attendance that evening.

Aptly named, The New Reveal, the tasting was all about the pairing of whisky and food, where I relished on 4 Glen Grant premium expressions, alongside an array of delicious canapes.

Dinner was hosted by The Social, and led by Glen Grant's Master Distiller of 50 years, Dennis Malcolm, who in his thick Scottish accent, brought us all on a Glen Grant experience throughout the evening. Not only were we introduced to the origins of Glen Grant, but also learned about the distinct color, aroma, tasting notes and finish each fine variation.

The 4 types of whiskies I sampled that evening - Glen Grant 10 Years, 12 Years, 18 Years and the Major Reserve - which I thought went really well with desserts.

Each Glen Grant expression was elegantly paired with a specially curated canape. It's not just about the food this time round, but more of the pairing of each course. Pardon my lack of whisky knowledge - I'll try my best to explain.  

First up, I had the Glen Grant 10 Years served with Crab Spring Rolls, Sesame Prawn Toast and Smoked Salmon Blinis - also my favorite of the evening. The smoothneses and bitterness of Glengrant, worked harmoniously well with the sweetness of the smoked salmon and mini pancake. So good!
Smoked Salmon Blini.
Next, I had the Glen Grant 12 Years, which had hints of caramel, vanilla and fruity notes, served with Chicken Herb Sausage Rolls and Dragon Roll. A Japanese-Western-Fusion-mishmash if you'd asked me.
The mini wagyu beef burger (though not mini enough to finish in a mountful) came together with the Glen Grant 18 Years. I thought the savory beef patty went quite well with the malty, caramel and sweet hints of the Glen Grant. Thank you Angelica for the picture!
For dessert, I had the Glen Grant Major's Reserve, which had a slightly drier texture and a fruity aftertaste too boost, served with creme-grant brulee. I wasn't a huge fan of the dessert, but I thought the whisky complimented the final sweat course.

Dinner was relatively carefree, with loads of small bites though not enough to fill my tummy full, and was completed in a jiff.

After that, I stayed around a bit more, mostly catching up with the rest, before making a move.

Thank you Glengrant for the invitation and The Social for preparing the feast.

The Social is located at:
Address: E-G-01 & E-G-02, Electric Boulevard, Lot 434 Jalan Tun Razak, Seksyen 90 50400, Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 603-2110 2772
Email: info@thesocial.com.my


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