Jun 11, 2016

Limited Edition Haagen Dazs Little Gardens Collection

June has been one hectic yet fulfilling month for me, so when I came home one evening to two tantalizing pints of Häagen-Dazs™ limited edition Little Gardens Collection ice cream, I gleamed - glowed and couldn't wait to have a scoop full! 

Ice cream have never sounded so tempting, especially after a taxing day.

The Häagen-Dazs™ Little Gardens Collection comes with two flavors - Lychee Raspberry Rose or Apricot Lavender. This mélange draws inspiration from the scent of flowers, creating a beautifully balanced taste of fruits alongside delicate florals notes.

I, for one, had a taste of both the Lychee Raspberry Rose and Apricot Lavender flavors, and it did not disappoint.

The Apricot Lavender ice cream was crafted using lavender from the Mediterranean Coast, and plump apricots from Morocco and France. For me, the taste of this ice cream lean towards the apricot-side, leaving a slight tartness that tingles the tongue. 

My favorite however, would have to be the Lychee Raspberry Rose.

The Lychee Raspberry Rose ice cream was rich and smooth, creamy in texture, with hints of raspberries scattered throughout, along with rose extract from Turkish roses and lychees handpicked from Taiwan. This flavor was inspired by the sweet allure of the world-famous dessert Ispahan Macaron, decadent as such.

There's just something about this combination that worked incredibly well together. I really liked that it was not overly sweet too.

Ice cream is definitely one of life's simple pleasures - along with fried chicken in my case!

Remember to check out Haagen Dazs Malaysia Facebook Page for more information and ongoing promotions!

*All photographs are taken by me. Please do not plagiarise.*


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