Apr 30, 2016

香港热锅 Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant @ Telawi Square Bangsar KL

It's not every Friday evening that I get to enjoy dinner that felt simultaneously wholesome yet engaging at the same time. 

For me, a steamboat or hotpot experience (whatever it may be) is never only about the food, but the enjoyment of dunking and dipping fresh ingredients in a shared pot with close friends and family, alongside candid conversations and laughter.

Dinner was at the newly opened Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant, located right above Tous Les Jours, opposite Bangsar Village II. And like the name suggests, authentic Hong Kong styled hotpot is their specialty. To add, they're also open after-party hours, from 12am - 4am, but upon reservations only.

Now, can I start filling up the hotpot already?

You have to try the homemade chilli sauce (the orange one)! Be warned, it's seriously fiery!
We sampled four types of soup base that evening. The Pumpkin Soup Base (Rm25) was interesting, thick and sweet, but my favorite would have to be the the Sakura Pork Bone Soup (Rm23), also their signature soup base and best seller here. One word: Wholesome. 
The HK Century Egg & Coriander Soup Base (Rm25) was equally enjoyable, with chunks of century eggs hidden beneath. The Szechuan Spicy Soup Base (Rm25) is not for everyone however - definitely not for me.
Our enormous Mixed Platter (Rm68/person) was customed-made to share, showcasing an assortment of 17 types of seafood ingredients, including premium pork and beef sliced meats, as well as liver and kidney slices for those who crave innards. The portion you see above is made for 3 persons.
A hot pot experience would not be complete without the sliced meats! Also part of the Mixed Platter, we sampled the Premium Pork and Beef Sliced Meat. My favorite? Beef!
For those who enjoy century eggs, the Yong Kee HK Century Egg & Ginger (Rm15) would not disappoint.
Accompanied by Kate, Jia Yeen and Kelly. Shot by Andy Kho. Thank you!

Overall Rating: 7.5/10. By the time we were done with dinner, it was already a little pass 10pm. I dragged myself home, with a bloated tummy too of course, and slumped onto my bed, too tired to do anything else. I guess I had a really long and energy-draining week at work. Nevertheless, I'm glad that dinner turned out great - fresh and premium ingredients alongside a wholesome soup base which didn't make me thristy thereafter. I will definitely be back when the steamboat craving kicks in again.

Hong Kong Hotpot is located at:
Address: Lot 9 & 10, Level 2, Telawi Square, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 03-2280 0242
Opening Hours: 4pm - 12am Daily. (Reservations from 12am - 4am can be made upon booking)


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