May 21, 2015

Dao Xiang @ Nexus Bangsar South - Shunde Chinese Cuisine In Malaysia

They say, Guangdong is the number one when it comes to Chinese food, and Shunde is the champion within that province. So what does that make Shunde cuisine?

As much as I want to validate that claim now, I can't - at least not just yet.

Despite being the on top of the list, Shunde cuisine, which forms the base of Cantonese styled cooking, is not widely familiar within our conventional Malaysian tastebuds. As far as I know, there're only two restaurants in town which serves just that - here and one other in KL, which I've also conveniently visited in the past.

Today, I will be sampling some of Dao Xiang Chinese Restaurant's exquisitely prepared signature Shunde dishes.

The main dining room houses 22 Chinese-styled round tables. For those opting for a more reserved experience, there are 6 private rooms available also.

Starting my Shunde experience with dainty looking bowls of appetizer.

Coated Peanuts. Rm3.

My friend couldn't stop munching on these crunchy little things!

Sauteed Cucumber. Rm3.

My guess that this was everyone's favorite appetizer - incredibly addictive spicy and sour sauteed cucumber.

Chicken Feet In Herbal Soup. Rm5.

The herbal soup was pleasant, though be warned - chicken feet may not for everyone, me included.

Pan Fried Pepper & Lotus Root. Rm23.

These were sensational - the fishcake tasted more sweet than savory, and the glistening lotus root had a delightful crunch to it. One more plate please!

Stir Fried Black Fungus. Rm18.

Not exactly something that I'd typically have, though personal preference aside, the black fungus was crisp, drenched in a pool of savory sauce.

Fried Shredded Potatoes. Rm16.

This dish is a classic example of simplicity at its best. The shreds of potato were crunchy, less mushy than those we're typically accustomed to, with a hint of lightly charred fragrant aftertaste.

Rice Noodle With Preserved Vegetable. Rm10.

Shunde's version of a chee cheong fun. Remember to load up on chili sauce!

Claypot Rice With Chicken. Rm40.

A claypot of fragrant rice with chicken that was smooth and tender. It was good but could be great with more sauce and charred bits beneath.

Shude Porridge (Soup Only). Rm23.

Shunde porridge - no rice and eaten steamboat-style, interesting like that. All condiments are ordered separately.

The best parts for me would have to be those salty pork spare ribs (Rm25) and handmade pork balls (Rm23). Those are must haves! 

Shunde Hotpot (Soup Only). Rm18.

The other signature Shunde dish that we sampled was this - fresh seafood served in a massive copper hotpot.

You'd get to pick your favorite ingredients and we had ours with grouper fish, prawns, crab and vegetables. The signature pork broth was hearty and comforting and the seafood excellent. Secret ingredient: orange peel - who would've guess? And crab and prawns? You may need to use your hands for this one.

Tip: Order a serving of vermicelli and dunk it into the remaining broth. Best eaten with special chili sauce.

Complimentary Red Bean Soup.

Sweet, thick and chunky red bean soup - on the house!

Longan And Sea Coconut. Rm6.

Our final dessert felt refreshingly calming after all the hot food we had earlier.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10. Unlike a typical Chinese dinner, tonight's meal felt a little different - a hint more interesting and exquisite if I may just add. Customer service was top notch - someone does everything for you here, from the cooking, to the dunking and the serving. Be prepared to be pampered! The desserts may not be best I've eaten, but the signature Shunde Porridge was good and the Shunde Hotpot was marvelous.

Don't forget to check out Chillin' @ Nexus Bangsar South Campaign on their Facebook Page ( and stand a chance to win RM100 worth of Nexus Gift Vouchers each week! Contest runs from 27 April 2015 to 19 June 2015.

Dao Xiang is located at:
Address: Unit 1-13, Level 1, No 7, Jalan Kerinchi, Nexus Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +60 2242 3318
Opening Hours: Daily. Lunch (12:00 - 14:30) Dinner (18:00 - 22:30).


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