Apr 9, 2015

D'Cuisine @ Plaza 33 PJ - A Hidden Gem

With a name like that, you'd never know what'd to expect without taking a peek at the menu.


D'Cuisine serves a mishmash of Chinese, Peranakan, Asian and Fusion dishes. I know - most people hesitate when they hear the word fusion. Fusion to the masses probably mistakenly imply - strange combinations on a plate. But what I really liked about the food here, is that it's not overly confusing yet, has its own flair to it.

If you'd ask me, the menu lean more towards the Chinese style of cooking and flavors. So rest assured, its not that complicated after all.

Notwithstanding, the restaurant is managed under the same roof as D'Italian Kitchen, right next door.

Creme Brulee Cappucino (Rm9). Salted Caramel Latte (Rm10).

Something aside from the norm. Resembling a creme brulee, the cappuccino (on the left) had an addictive layer of crusted caramel on top. The salted caramel latte however, tasted more like a good caramel latte.

Jellyfish Salad. Rm22.

Strips of jelly fish soaked in lemongrass infused olive oil and balsamic reduction dressing. It had some Thai-Chinese flavors to it, somewhat tangy but utterly delicious. We were hooked on our very first mouthful.

Scallops Medusa. Rm23.

Crispy strands of hairline pastry wrapped over prawn paste fillings with a scallop hidden between. If you're expecting a huge scallop, you'd be disappointed.

Mongolian Prawns. Rm38.

Fresh prawns, eggplant and green beans, soaked in Mongolian sauce. A spicy-savory-sour sauce that reminded of the typical Chinese eggplant dish.

Giant Sang Har Noodles. Rm18.

Huge fan of yin-without-the-yong or yong-without-the-yin. I really liked the texture of crunchy noodles in savory and hearty thick gravy. Not forgetting the fresh and juicy giant river prawns that peeled right off its shell!

XO Seabass Set. Rm35.80.

The pan-grilled seabass was moist and had fabulous flaky textures, but the best parts for me would be the marvelously crisp skin topped with signature XO dried scallop sauce. What a stunner!

Screwpine Caramelized Banana. Rm19.

Screwpine = Pandan. Don't get confused. Bananas caramelized with sticky brown sugar infused with screwpine extract. A simple dessert well done.

Salted Egg Pudding. Rm19.

Imagine Chinese salted egg custard bun (Lau Sa Bao), minus the bun but with a sponge-like pastry instead. Exceedingly rich and awesomely gratifying. Please order to share.

Overall Rating: 8/10. I had a wonderful meal today. There's just something interesting and memorable about the dishes here. The basics were done right with sprinkles of icing sugar on top - if that metaphor serves me right. Dishes that I'd recommend - XO Seabass (a la carte or in a set, above), Sang Har Noodles and the Salted Egg Pudding.

D'Cuisine is located at:
Address: Unit PG-D & PG-E Level Podium, Ground Floor, The Plaza @ Jaya33, No 1, Jalan Semangat, 46100 Petaling Jaya.
Phone: 03-7931-8985
Opening Hours: 11am - 3pm & 6pm - 11pm Daily

Also within the same building, Coliseum Steakhouse.


  1. Love the food there babe :) And I should make a trip there for the Salted Egg Pudding. Looks delish!


  2. I've visited a couple of times...their desserts are superb! :D

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